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    I'm interested in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion, but I've heard it's quite hard to get into. Would these grades be sufficient in getting a place at this university?

    Predicted Grades in GCSE

    Biology A
    Chemistry A
    Physics A
    Maths A
    English Lit&LanA/B
    Geography A*
    Business B
    French B

    I'm very interested in fashion and have my own fashion blog and read Vogue every month. Thank you for reading!
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    Please can someone help me, I haven't received an answer yet and I really need to find out.
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    Hi, I have recently just accepted my offer to study Fashion Journalism at the London college of Fashion so hopefully I can help you. Firstly, those results are really good, I only got an A*, 3 B's and 5 C's for my GCSE's but I doubt lcf cared that much. Now is a good time to start preparing though, build up your fashion blog with: current topics in fashion, trends that inspire you, photos you've taken yourself... They didn't ask to see my blog but you might as well do it so that you're confident in the interview, and so you can freely discuss what you have posted on your blog. Secondly, work experience is also an important factor as it shows that you are interested in the course and not just being a student at the London college of Fashion. I managed to get experience by working with a local fashion designer for five months (every single Saturday), it seemed at bit pointless at the time because I didn't get paid but obviously it must have improved the quality of my application. Sorry, I think I'm going a little off topic, but I think you'll want to know the best things to do. Back to your original question, yes those grades are good and yes, they will accept you, but London college of Fashion isn't about grades, they want to see you do extra. Learn your designers and key celebrities, research the University and get as much experience with fashion as possible. Good luck
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    Hey I'm also interested in applying to LCF for fashion journalism. At the moment I study AS french, AS politics, AS/A2 spanish and AS english language, and next year I'm studying A2 french, A2 english language, AS photography and AS italian. Do you think these are subjects LCF would approve of?

    Also, what sort of thing do you write about in the entry exam? and what sort of questions did you get asked at interview?

    I'm trying to get work experience at some local magazines and I have my own blog. What sort of things are LCF looking for?

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    Hi, if you're doing two full a levels and two As levels maybe they would accept you. They want 240 ucas points from three full a levels (a minimum of three c's) so I'm not sure since you only have two full A levels but hopefully they would take your as levels in to account. Subject-wise, I've heard they're interested in English and media, so with languages I think lcf would approve.

    We were given several questions on an examination sheet and a few pieces of paper to write our responses. The questions weren't difficult, I chose to write about "bringing back British manufacturing", God knows why I chose that one. The second question was to write about your interest in fashion and where you get your fashion information from. Then I moved on to the interview stage, where I was asked a few questions: "What is your role in the fashion world?- do you have a blog? do you take pictures?...", "Who has inspired/changed fashion in today's society?...", "Who would you interview?"...

    Work experience at a magazine would look really good because it shows that you are keen to be a fashion journalist. I think I might also look around for some experience in the summer. Make sure you mention your blog because lcf alumni have gone on to become bloggers, they want to see your drive to succeed with a career afterwards. Hope I've been of some help
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    hey, thanks for replying you've been really helpful I'm actually going to end up with 3 full A levels and 3 AS levels so hopefully it will be ok

    Do you mind me asking what your sources are for learning about fashion designers and updates in the fashion world? Also how did you dress for the exam/interview?

    Congratulations on getting accepted, I'm so excited for you!
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    (Original post by akcs)
    hey, thanks for replying you've been really helpful I'm actually going to end up with 3 full A levels and 3 AS levels so hopefully it will be ok

    Do you mind me asking what your sources are for learning about fashion designers and updates in the fashion world? Also how did you dress for the exam/interview?

    Congratulations on getting accepted, I'm so excited for you!
    Oh sorry, yes in that case you are more than qualified to apply with three alevels And three as levels that is well over the required amount. As for sources, read as many magazines as possible:vogue, look, harpers bazaar... Search fashion bloggers, vogue.co.uk, research designers... Even television programmes are useful as long as they are about fashion, in some way or other. At the interview they asked me about media and the different types of journalism, so include more than just the obvious magazine or newspaper. I wore a vintage brown fur coat, which completely covered what I was wearing underneath, other people opted for a more casual look, which you would probably just wear to school. From what I remember people just wore fairly casual clothes, so just wear something comfortable yet stylish. Thank you, Hopefully you'll be in the same position next year! if you need anymore help, just ask
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    ohmygosh you are literally the most helpful person in the world, thanks so much for your help
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    I am looking to apply for a Fashion Journalism course preferably at LCF, what did you have to do for your portfolio?
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    I have a telophonic interview scheduled soon for intro to higher education at LCF and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the nature of the questions asked during the interview and any suggested tips?


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