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University of Worcester - PGCE Secondary 2012-13

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    Hello all,

    The time is near. I've made a Facebook group: PGCE Secondary University of Worcester 2012-13

    Should make it a bit more convenient to communicate. Yes, it's taken me one month to click those few buttons. As it turns out, I move to Worcester tomorrow, so am finding all sorts of ways to procrastinate from packing up my stuff (these elaborate methods have even included meeting with my bank manager).

    It is my understanding that the rules regarding mandatory Lit and Numeracy tests indicate that they're no longer required to be completed BEFORE course commencement, but must simply be completed at some point during our training. However, this is only my understanding, and so could be 80 klicks wide of the truth.

    Anyway, all the best and join the group
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    I've just looked on mine and it says the same thing. But I have papers saying I'm getting a bursary. Hmmm. Confusing. I might give them a ring tomorrow!

    (Original post by Fliss_D)
    Got some paperwork in the post today telling me how to register (exciting!) but now just wondering, once you've registered, under the 'personal details' tab - 'my bank details' does everybody else get a message saying 'Our records indicate that you have not met the criteria for being paid a University of Worcester bursary'?

    I'm hoping this is different to the teaching bursaries for shortage subjects which I'm expecting. Hope I've filled out everything I was supposed to!! eek.

    Getting pretty excited about starting the course now it's creeping up so quickly. Maybe see some of you in a couple of weeks!
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    I'm hoping to apply for the discretionary bursary, as I've worked.

    Have you had your timetable etc yet?
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    I've not had a timetable or anything yet and I'm really worried. I think tbh I've got to panic stations now, everytime I think about it I feel sick and as though I'm missing some vital piece of information just so nervous
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    I haven't received my timetable either! You're not alone.
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    Ive recieved a simple timetable just blocking the days whe we are in uni and in school. Have you had this? FYI our first day in school is the 4th of October. Which is my birthday. *Groan*
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    (Original post by TedFletchJnr)
    Hey, nice one! Yeh, the forums aren't exactly teeming with Worcester secondary folk.
    Starting to get rather nervous now though. :eek:
    Hi -
    Got an interview on Monday morning for Computer Science. Anyone else out there regarding this subject? Would like to know what the subject based written task was about.
    Seems English is the predominant subject here.
    Hope I get through (having been awarded the BCS scholarship doesn't guarantee a placement I guess!).


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Updated: June 14, 2013
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