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What sports would you consider to be safe and what is dangerous?

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    (Original post by Mr Dangermouse)



    Motor sport(Wheldon, Simoncelli)
    Pamplona bull run
    American football(my personal favourite sport, and I know your gonna give me the whole rugby with padding, but it's genuinely a lot more contact based than rugby. Players at some positions reduce their average life expectancy by up to 18 years and there's been a string of suicides linked to brain damage caused by repeated concussions)
    The whole rugby more manly cause of pads is total bull ****, ive played both and jesus all mighty do some of the hits in american football hurt. They go in for the hit/tackle much harder and faster and use the pads as sort of a weapon to make it bigger. Average life expectancy for a NFL player is 58 years old which is scary haha
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    (Original post by kitsonchen)
    List 3 safe sports and 3 dangerous sports ( or more if you want too ! )
    Obviously all sports carry a risk, but some are more dangerous then others. For example, rugby is a lot more dangerous then ballroom dancing.
    Speed walking is a very dangerous sport.

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    (Original post by Mr Dangermouse)
    Er... No it doesn't

    The fight ends as soon as one guy hits the floor. If you came even close to punching an opponents to death then it would be intervened.
    I was obviously using a hyperbole when I said that :rolleyes:
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    Safe sports-


    'Dangerous' Sports (if done incorrectly)-

    Anything involving throwing oneself out of a plane. Sky-diving, Wingsuiting etc.
    SCUBA diving, if not done properly can be incredibly dangerous. Especially Tec-Diving/Cave Diving/Ice Diving.
    Anything involving serious speed; Motorbike racing, Forumla one racing, snowboarding, skiing. (The later involve a different level of speed but are still....speedy. Haha!)
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    i read an article a few years ago about "record number of divers being attacked by sharks"

    so yeh, i'd say football is VERY dangerous
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    I suspect it is actually the other way around - with football, hockey, rugby, lacrosse much more dangerous than climbing, diving, parachuting, etc.
    It's fairly obvious that if you do something silly while parachuting that the ending will not be a happy one - so you make very sure that you don't do anything silly.
    It's less obvious that football is dangerous, so you aren't quite as careful not to do silly things, so you are more likely to break someones ankle.
    I can't argue that chess is dangerous though....
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    Table Tennis

    Horse Riding
    Racing cars/motorbikes
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    Less safe:
    On road cycling (I can't tell you how many times I've nearly been killed whilst cycling)
    Horse riding


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