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Hype Thread : Milan vs Arsenal

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    AC Milan.

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    (Original post by Jordan_1)
    Play acting? He got pushed in the face and it was a clear free kick for obstruction. Sore loser :rolleyes:

    Im talking about Thiago Silva and Abbiati making a big deal out of RVP's challenge not that incident with song.

    Also, I'm not an Arsenal fan just a neutral who doesn't like play-acting.
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    Does Ibrahimovich remind anyone else of Sortirios Kygriakos? In terms of looks of course.
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    (Original post by WhatIsAUsername?)
    You honestly think Arsenal are going to come back from this? :lol:
    Not really, I don't watch football much though so what do I know
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    (Original post by Leelad)
    Does Ibrahimovich remind anyone else of Sortirios Kygriakos? In terms of looks of course.
    He probably defends like him :rolleyes:
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    "Hope Milan go like 500-0 up then Henry gets a last minute tap in and Tyldesley weeps. The prophecy. It was written. AND IT HAPPENED."
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    we are quite simply being mashed -.-
    we had so much build up in the first half and typically no result now we are just being run around the pitch.
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    (Original post by jilebinator)
    ibras nose annoys me so much.
    His hair annoys me more. He looks like an emo version of hitler
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    On a completely unrelated note, why the **** is Allegri wearing a suit jacket over what appears to be a PVC catsuit?
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    Bring on El Shaarway!
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    I've never laughed so hard in my life, I expected you to get spanked, but come on this is disgraceful you need to get 2 goals and the second leg will be yours. Though i'm not watching it at the moment so I dunno if you guys are getting back into the game.

    I ****ing hope napoli don't do this to us. Allow it.
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    Allegri looks like a pantomime villain on the sidelines. Djourou is currently being very pantomime atm as well
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    The amount of players on the AC Milan team with ponytails in amazing. The team looks like a slightly more attractive version of a womens football team
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    Watching this rubbish performance is enough to make one despise those who've destroyed this club to this extent. I honestly believe Bolton would have given a better account of themselves than Arsenal. Absolute disgrace
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    ****ing hell just play a straight 4-4-2 wenger, stop trying to win the midfield battle because its obviously not working
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    Get a grip, Thiago :lolwut:
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    Milans keeper looks like a good laugh
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    they are giving us corners just to make it interesting.
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    rvppp damn!
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    Henry and RVP linkup = sexy. Keeper's celebration = hilarious.
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    What a flick from Henry. Jesus.

    And I bet Ox gets injured on that crap pitch.


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