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Hype Thread : Milan vs Arsenal

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    AC Milan.

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    (Original post by dellprinter)
    oh sorry meant the other guy:

    y did u quote me when i wasnt talk to u

    and what is a sig? i dont stlak peopls posts
    I quoted you, because you quoted me. You sound like a troll.
    Anyway, sigs are the thing under your post.
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    What does Liverpool's poor signings have anything to do with a Champions League tie against Chelsea...

    EDIT: negged for what?
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    (Original post by silent ninja)
    Arsenal win the league? Lol too funny.

    Big fight on for 4th place. It will be a tight finish this season.
    Obviously I've offended a deluded fan. Arsenal need to concentrate on getting in the top four. Winning the league is out of the question.


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Updated: February 16, 2012
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