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Hype Thread : Milan vs Arsenal

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    AC Milan.

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    Brilliant goal for Boateng tbh. Kind of both ways still. Lots of time left + Milan has yet to play at Emirates, so its not all over, especially at 1-0...
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    (Original post by doggyfizzel)
    Last time it was hyped up how poor he was he scored twice against Arsenal.

    Kevin Prince looks dangerous, always looks like he's about to create something all the time.
    Well we need to keep him quiet this time
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    forza rossoneri
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    (Original post by CAPTAIN CAPSLOCK)
    WHAT. A. GOAL.

    I've decided I'm going to use this game to pass judgment on whether Ibrahimovic is actually any good. For ages I've thought he was massively overrated.
    Tbfh, even if he goes missing in big games, he performs in all of the others. You don't win the league by winning the big fixtures, it's the bread and butter games week in and out. He's won the league for the past 8 years with a number of different clubs.

    Massively effective for any club.
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    Gutted I missed what sounds like an amazing goal :sigh:

    Pitch looks like a ****ing disgrace.
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    pelican nose is playing well.
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    we are playing so sloppily. reminds me of our barcelona game.
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    Arsenal's defence is being taken to school here, really good work from Milan's strikers.
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    (Original post by jilebinator)
    this could be a domination. our defence needs to wake up.
    The whole team needs to wake up, we're so sloppy right now.
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    (Original post by Mess.)
    Pitch looks like a ****ing disgrace.
    Can't remember how many games they said it had taken this season, being a joint use stadium. Must be a nightmare for the grounds keeper, 2 games a week and Europe must take a beating.
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    This is appalling. Christ. How to **** up on the biggest stage.
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    (Original post by CAPTAIN CAPSLOCK)
    WHAT. A. GOAL.

    I've decided I'm going to use this game to pass judgment on whether Ibrahimovic is actually any good. For ages I've thought he was massively overrated.
    Just look at how many titles he has won. It's not a coincidence. Edit- or what the commentators just said

    To me it looks like Arsenal have setup to try and exert more control on the game rather than playing purely on the counter as was expected. When Arsenal manage to string a few passes together Rosicky is trying to drift inside to be that extra man, obviously it hasn't worked so far and they've lost the threat of 2 direct wingers on either side.
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    Need some Arshavin magic me thinks
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    Why are people bad mouthing ibrahimovic, he's been brilliant for ac in the league. Robinho on the other hand is hit and miss.

    EDIT: I spoke too soon! Well in robiniho!
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    I cant watch! I cant watch
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    just too good at the moment.
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    2-0 :sigh:
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    Arsenal would be more suited to the Europa league I think
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    Offside surely?!

    FFS man
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    Thought that was offside. Replays didnt show it clear enough for me to be 100% sure though ¬_¬


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