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Hype Thread : Milan vs Arsenal

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    AC Milan.

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    Djourou warming up. :afraid:
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    This is too easy
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    If things don't change quick this game will end up 5-0. Not even 5-1 for irony
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    A few of the Arsenal players look so nervous. Thought it was telling that Szcz didn't come and claim the ball that was skied a mile in the air and landed just outside the 6 yard box, he'd usually be straight out. Obviously Verm has been horrific and it just feels like a few of them are shirking the physical side of it, especially aerial battles. Sign of nerves imo.
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    Oh god.
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    Maybe Djourou will surprise us all
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    WTF happened to Kos that DJOUROU had to freaking come on?

    (I'm watching the game abroad so I have no idea what the commentators are saying.)
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    (Original post by Xotol)
    WTF happened to Kos that DJOUROU had to freaking come on?

    (I'm watching the game abroad so I have no idea what the commentators are saying.)
    Just watch an English stream via tvcatchup lol?
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    That looked horrible, knees into midriff.
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    djourou at CB has never really worked and ibra looking as good as he is it could prove to be fatal
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    The difference in class between these two teams is astonishing. Very surprised at what's happened so far since both teams are pretty equal in terms of talent, but Arsenal have been really poor tonight, especially defensively.
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    Wow, we are being opened up like a slut.
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    just bring henry on, just put him somewhere, even at CB
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    Why was that a yellow and a free kick?
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    (Original post by Tommyjw)
    Why was that a yellow and a free kick?
    Yellow cos he wouldnt go off(?)
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    Pathetic performance. AC Milan have been classy.
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    loving the monobrow
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    Yellow card for Antonini??

    Arsenal need to improve severely, Djourou coming on isn't exactly a confidence booster. Benayoun/AOC and Henry needed soon.
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    (Original post by Tommyjw)
    Just watch an English stream via tvcatchup lol?
    Internet bro, it takes about 3 hours to load pictures. I don't think my laptop could handle a live stream.
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    2nd goal was offside but we've been so, so terrible.


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Updated: February 16, 2012
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