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Hype Thread : Milan vs Arsenal

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    AC Milan.

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    (Original post by Stu Laverty)
    The difference in class between these two teams is astonishing. Very surprised at what's happened so far since both teams are pretty equal in terms of talent, but Arsenal have been really poor tonight, especially defensively.
    I normally agree with you but curious- who apart from RVP would you take from the Arsenal side and place in that Milan side?

    Back to thread- I think Milan have been a class ahead and I'm not so sure it's a case of Arsenal being blunt but Milan defending solidly. A few times Arsenal were begging Milan to press the ball and Milan were patient and stuck to their gameplan of get bodies behind the ball and force Arsenal to do something special to bring RVP into the game. Can only see the 2nd getting worse.
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    Very disappointed with that half. If anything, that was probably going to be the weakest half in the tie for us, but still, we should have done much better. We need more pace IMO
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    Ibrahimovic vs Djouru? Lol

    If Arsenal can get a 2-1 they'll have done very well. This could turn out to be a mauling, it's too easy at the moment. Arsenal have no spark or creativity in attack. That stadium is a very tough place and they look intimidated.
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    (Original post by -Illmatic-)
    Yellow cos he wouldnt go off(?)
    Must have been i guess
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    theres playing ****...and then there is this.. :facepalm2:
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    (Original post by Tommyjw)
    Why was that a yellow and a free kick?
    think for a foul or something.... since a free kick was then given.
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    When I saw Djourou was about to come on, I was hoping it meant 5 at the back. Arsenal are losing the midfield battle anyway, so may as well have taken Ramsey / Arteta off, and played a more direct way and cut the midfield out alltogether. Oh well. Might be a blessing in disguise to go out to Milan and concentrate on getting into the competition again next year.
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    Booked for having a keeper clatter into you :lol:

    Boateng and especially Ibra bossing it, Milan always have that spare man in midfield to pull players out of position. Arsenal seem to be pressing as individuals not as a team, such a basic error, amazing considering the level they're playing at.

    Would go Henry for Arteta and shift Rosicky inside. Henry is the type to inspire confidence around him and Rosicky has been one of the few whose body language is showing belief.
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    not an arsenal fan but really don't understand why ox isn't starting. Rosicky, ramsey and arteta have all given the ball away but because they're older theres no mention of inexperience, yet they havent really contributed anything going forward. At least if ox was playing he'd be a threat.
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    poor. defence has been abysmal. its like we dont give a ****. i think wenger wants us to focus on the PL and FA cup.
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    (Original post by mr tim)
    think for a foul or something.... since a free kick was then given.
    The slide wasnt a foul though, must have been him taking his time going off (have to go off and come back on for things like that) as someone else said
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    (Original post by antonfigo)
    theres playing ****...and then there is this.. :facepalm2:
    I've seen worse performances from us this season, but, saying that, I don't think there's been an easier game for AC Milan to score and defend this season. Our defending has been so lax, and our midfield has been poor - I mean, Arteta has been nobody tonight.

    RVP chasing shadows and getting about 3 touches this half isn't helping us, too.
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    djirou :facepalm2:
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    Djou**** on we are ******. I wish this clueless ***** will **** off. Backs against the wall Arsène let's see if you've got the balls to change things or wait until 75th min when it is far too late.
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    TV5 is playing poor. We are missing Mertesacker so badly.
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    Arsenal really needed that HT whistle tbh they were poor, hardly troubled the keeper. I don't think they'll win today, but an away goal could be important come at Emirates. So I guess they'll be happy with a 2-1 loss or something.
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    Ibrahimovic :drool: I think he's shown to English audiences some of the stuff he is about in that first half as poor as Arsenal have been.

    Arsenal not out of it, just need an away goal.
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    Meh, the 2nd goal was offside - unlucky for you guys

    One away goal and it's back on!

    e: Also Adrian Chiles is terrible as a pundit, how is he still around? Pathetic.
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    (Original post by -bill-)
    Djou**** on we are ******. I wish this clueless ***** will **** off. Backs against the wall Arsène let's see if you've got the balls to change things or wait until 75th min when it is far too late.
    Out of interest, what's in the censor for Djourou?

    Also, I feel we'll all being a bit too pessimistic. One goal and it's back in the balance especially with an away goal.
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    **** this I'm gonna go watch a film.


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