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Birmingham Conditional Firmers 2012

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    Firmed Biological Science and choose elgar court, tennis courts, shackleton and mason
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    Just firmed Law! Choosing my accomodations now
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    Hi, anyone else hoping to do IR next year?
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    Just applied for Oakley Court, The Spinney, Ashcroft, Elgar Court & Tennis Court
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    Firmed for Business and Management (4yrs) - anyone else doing this?
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    not relevant
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    Firmed Birmingham for Theoretical Physics!

    Applied to The Spinney, Maple Bank and Ashcroft for accomodation, in that order of preference.
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    (Original post by karchun)
    Firmed Law llb - applied to Jarratt Hall or Victoria Hall - final accommodation = Oakley court etc
    me too! firmed llb law, that is. tried to transfer from my current uni into 2nd year, but they made me withdraw it, soooo 1st year entry again it is! excited!!
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    (Original post by Madalinaa)
    Just firmed Civil and Energy Engineering
    Just firmed foundation year for Civil Engineering!
    Applied for Tennis Courts, Oakley Court, Elgar Court and Aitken
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    Just firmed! law!
    See ya next year hopefully
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    Firmed for French and ab initio Spanish applied for The Spinney, Ashcroft, Oakley Court & Prtichatts House.
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    Firmed for Medical Science So excited about going to B'ham!
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    Firmed Birmingham for Sports Science
    Accomodaton is Mason, Shackleton, Tennis Courts, Elgar Court & Chelwood
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    (Original post by sarahgould-x)
    Think I'm going to firm Birmingham for Modern Languages with Business (definitely French and then maybe Spanish?!)

    I've applied for accommodation in Tennis Courts, Mason and Elgar Court (all ensuite and self-catered).

    Is anyone else hoping doing the same course or modern languages at Birmingham?!

    I can't wait, I loved it both times I went and have only heard good things
    Modern Languages
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    Firmed for English Literature with Creative Writing
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    (Original post by summerbluesky)
    Hi, anyone else hoping to do IR next year?
    I'm doing it with economics
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    I firmed Birmingham for French and English Language Joint Honours
    I applied for Tennis Courts, Elgar Court, Mason and Shackleton (all ensuite)
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    Just firmed my offer for French Single Honours
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    Firmed Birmingham for social policy
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    I have firmed for International Relations with Politics!


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