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    I have a few questions, do you do many engineering/science courses, and if so would they be sufficient for a career in engineering? For example, automotive engineering? would they be as in depth as at a brick uni?

    Same questions for the science courses

    Also, how much practical work would i get if i did an engineering/science degree?

    Thanks, miles
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    Hello Mileness

    Really sorry to take so long to get back to you, I hope you find the below information helpful.

    Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
    An opportunity to study general engineering, with some specialisation in one of several engineering disciplines including design, environment, materials, mechanics and ICT.

    Career relevance and employability
    On graduation you should be eligible to apply (via an appropriate engineering institution) to the Engineering Council for registration as Incorporated Engineer.

    The BEng (Hons) also satisfies the undergraduate component of the educational requirements for Chartered Engineer status – so you might want to carry on with your studies and work towards registration as a Chartered Engineer. There are two routes:
    1. The MEng – this postgraduate qualification builds on the BEng (Hons), and must be completed within four years of the undergraduate degree. It is accredited as satisfying the educational requirements for registration as Chartered Engineer (see the Engineering websitefor further information ).
    2. The Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering, leading to the MSc in Engineering.

    Other Engineering/Technology degrees on offer:
    Computing & IT and a second subject
    Design and Innovation

    We offer the following degrees in Science:
    Natural Sciences
    Study a broad range of science subjects or specialise in astronomy, planetary science, biology, health sciences, chemistry, analytical science, environmental science, Earth sciences, or physics.

    Career relevance and employability
    By the time you graduate, you’ll be an adaptable scientist with a range of transferable skills that are highly valued in the labour market – such as analytical, numerical and communication skills, teamworking, problem solving and proficiency in using computers. You’ll also have a good understanding of where your strengths and interests lie, and be well prepared for your next step – whether it’s further study or employment.

    Science graduates are well placed to enter both scientific and non-scientific jobs. The logical, reasoned approach needed for science study is relevant to a wide range of financial, business and public sector employment, so science graduates – particularly those who have good communication and interpersonal skills – are in demand. Employers also look for evidence of experience of the workplace to support the skills gained through the degree. To succeed, graduates will need to be flexible and multi-skilled, with the ability to work in a multidisciplinary environment.

    Other Science degrees on offer:
    Environmental Science
    Environmental Studies
    Health Sciences

    Please call 0845 300 60 90 for further information or visit


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