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Do you give blood?

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    I want too!
    I think it'd be such a good thing to give blood so it can be used to help the people that really need it

    I'm an organ donor though, if that makes any difference? :rolleyes:
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    No, but i once sent my ex girlfriend a bottle of blood after she broke up with me, if that counts.
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    Gave for my first time a week ago! felt sick after but it was totally worth it
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    Just found out on the website that I can't give blood yet, I'll either have to wait until I'm 20, or put on a stone!
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    did once, and the veins on my right arm are very thin, so the guy proceeded to pull it out and jab it in repeatedly until it got bruised and he gave up and tried the other arm. which went well but when i got up i thought i was going to throw up and they made me sit down for over an hour.

    i'll probably do this again.
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    In a couple of months i'll be doing it for the first time. Should have done it earlier, but I say that about pretty much anything.
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    i've managed to convince my brother to give blood instead of getting me a birthday present!
    we're going together. personally i've donated 3 times (as often as i could since being elligible)

    my only problem is that i'm quite small, so a pint is quite a lot to take from me! added to that, i hardly drink any water, so it's like sucking out tar, it's so sllooowwww! comes out eventually.

    feeling faint/sick/breathless afterwards isn't usually a good enough excuse - that's what the 10 mins rest and tea and biscuits are for afterwards. i usually feel pretty faint for the rest of the day but it's a good reason to sit down and read a good book and get someone to make you tea.
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    No, I don't. I wish I had, though. Until recently I was eligible but I react badly to blood tests (vomiting, shock, etc) and I used to be needle phobic. Now I'm working on my needle phobia but I'm also involved with an actively pansexual man so I will face temporary restrictions depending on his sexual activity. I also enjoy play piercings and do sessions fairly regularly so would have to go for 4 months without a session before I could give blood.
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    I weight too little to be allowed to do it. Not that I'm desperately underweight or anything; I'm just short.
    I'm secretly relieved about this because I'm squeamish, can't stand the sight of blood and hate needles. Despite these things, if I were eligible I would feel insanely guilty if I didn't give blood. It's such a generous thing to do.

    As soon as I put on more weight(pretty inevitable I suppose. ) I'll give blood as soon as I get the opportunity.
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    (Original post by BefuddledPenguin)
    I might do so soon, once my cold sore goes away. Never done it before though, presumably they'll have to test me for a few things first right?
    no, not really. when you get there you go into a little cubicle where they prick your finger and put it into a solution to check if you're anaemic. they make you fill out a form to say you're not ill or anything, and then you're good to go!

    they check your blood after you've donated.
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    i would if i could...
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    I do My brother had a blood transfusion when he was younger, so I like to be able to help!
    Im a B neg
    And I love the bourbon biscuits at the end
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    No, I refuse to donate unless I am given the choice of the type of person the donation goes to.

    The idea of my blood and/or organs sustaining the life of somebody I would actively despise puts me off donating.

    If the NHS allowed me to give them a criteria list with my donation then I'd be happy to. Until then, junkies and other such scum won't be getting a drop.

    I'll happily donate if a friend or family member needs it. Otherwise, the system just doesn't work for me.
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    Just reading these stories is making me feel sick
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    How often can you donate? Every month, two months, three months?
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    (Original post by RobertWhite)
    No, my twin brother had it done and almost fainted. I'm a small person, taking something like a litre of blood really isn't good for me. I'd do it if I could!
    The weight limit is 7 1/2 stone. Just how small are you?
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    I've only given once so far, but I'd love to give again, even though I felt really rubbish afterwards. The nurse looking after me asked what I'd had to eat, so I answered - and apparently I shouldn't have been allowed. >.< The woman doing all the tests and things was/is a bit of an idiot apparently and decided that a mars bar was enough to make up for the little I'd eaten (not my fault, I went before lunch but was kept waiting for ages and was told not to leave - not even to get some food!)

    It was pretty hard for them to find the vein though, better lose some weight before I go next time.
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    (Original post by legendstar)
    I was just wondering how much you get for giving blood? I've heard some people do it purely because they need the money.
    Nothing but a biscuit. How badly do people need biscuits?
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    (Original post by sanaindaclub)
    How often can you donate? Every month, two months, three months?
    I think the limit is 14 weeks, but they only call you up about every 5 months.
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    Hi guys,

    When I was 16 I became very ill with a very rare blood condition called Aplastic Anemia. My original treatment failed, so when I was 17 I had to have a Bone Marrow Transplant.

    I have had over 200 blood and platelet transfusions so to all you blood donors I want to say a Big


    As without people like you I fear I would be long cold in the grave.

    If you guys could do me a favour and next time you give blood if you could ask to become a bone marrow donor and become a part of this


    alternatively if you don't give blood can you please join The Anthony Nolan Trust:


    For the Anthony Nolan Trust you get sent a bottle which you have to spit in and then send that off. They then analyze your proteins in your spit and add you to their data base. No blood and no needles!!

    Thank you guys, I can not appreciate blood donors enough!!

    You might save someone closer to you than you might think.

    P.s. Any questions (within reason) I'll happily answer either on this thread or PM me


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