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What's your best charity shop find?

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    (Original post by Kaykee93)
    I actually got my prom dress from a charity shop
    I think it was 100% silk or something, really great dress, got it for £25 (They were gonna sell it for like £90, but I was volunteering there on weekends, and my boss loved me )
    Not sure why you got negged for this :lolwut: I got mine from a charity shop too, about £20 I think. I never actually went to the prom in the end, so thank goodness I got it cheap
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    I did volunteer work in a charity shop before, and while I never found anything for myself, there were some amazing baby clothes that I got for my little cousin. A brand new GORGEOUS Ralph Lauren dress for her for €2... my god. I can't imagine that people actually throw stuff like that away when it's not even worn.

    The women who worked there said that it happened quite a bit regularly before the recession hit and a lot of people obviously became much more careful with their money. I don't really shop in charity shops though, to be honest, just for me I don't like rooting, because I work in retail part-time and I don't enjoy shopping as much anymore.
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    (Original post by kaylafrances)
    hahaha a cancer research shop
    Nice one! :P
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    Probably a few unworn J-Crew virgin wool jumpers and dior jeans..
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    In terms of what I bought myself, it's probably the £60 River Island jacket I bought for £7.50. Trying to find an opportunity to wear it on a night out xD

    In terms of what I've seen...a £350 silk designer fashion top for £10.
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    A red Jacques Vert blazer for £2.50
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    I found Duran duran's last CD (or I think it was their last one) from 2004 for £2.50 earlier! A quite decent price!
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    (Original post by __IWalkTheLine)
    Hello thrifty folk of TSR

    Today I found this

    FCUK dress in the Cancer Research shop for 7 pounds; the website said it should have been £115!

    This has inspired me to make this thread. What's the best thing you've ever found in a charity or second-hand shop?
    that dress is gorgeous :love: I once found a really nice pair of black high heels for about £3
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    I think the annoying thing about charity shops is when you find something you would love and dirt cheap, but it's the wrong size.
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    (Original post by Pride)
    I think the annoying thing about charity shops is when you find something you would love and dirt cheap, but it's the wrong size.
    This. There's only so much I can do with safety pins, haha.
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    Don't think I've found anything spectacular, but I've found a few nice jumpers and tops over the years.
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    A full tuxedo/DJ that could have been tailor-made for me for £10.
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    My prom dress! Green with green polka dots, kind of fifties style, £2.99 :awesome: And some girls spent that much without the decimal point...
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    £1.75 for a pair of cream patent peak toe shoes! They were in mint condition to!
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    A pair Ralph Lauren jeans for £21 still tagged

    It's the ones that don't fit that breaks my heart hehe
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    I found a brand new Karen Millen jumper for £10 in my exact size, which would usually retail at around £110 - It's beautiful and I love it

    I've also found a velvet dress for £2, and a velvet skirt for £3 (I adore velvet so I was very happy )
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    Teach yourself bass
    Spanish novel
    French novel
    20p each
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    I need to get myself down to the charity shops.
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    Barbour quilted jacket for £8 from a charity shop in pangbourne.

    And my mum bought Prada (!!!) Brogues for £50 at the oxfam on King's Road.
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    Got this H&M dress BNWT last week from PDSA, for £5.99 (admittedly it was only £20 to start with ). Looooovely


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