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Give Me Food Heaven, or Food Hell?

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    Hell! Sorry, I like lasagne more than cheese burgers! especially the crispy corners

    Heaven: Chinese takeaway
    Hell: Indian takeaway
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    Awww no now I feel really mean but genuinely do prefer Indian takeaway to Chinese sorry Dani!

    Cereal related one now

    Heaven; Toffee and normal Wheetos

    Hell; Readybrek
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    Heaven, coz Sawdust branded as Readybrek ain't fooling anyone!

    Heaven: Shredded Wheat
    Hell: Oatabix
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    Hahaha, sawdust branded as Readybrek. You funny.

    Heaven for you, I love Oatybars cereal bars but the cereal isn't the one. "Made-from-oat-not-wheat-a-bix" Should of called them Oatabix, nah, should of not made them mate.
    Weetabix are the ONES.

    Heaven: Galaxy cookie crumble
    Hell: Cadbury fudge (sorry, I know you're chocolate and fudge, and as a rule of my life, I should LOVE you..but I just cant)
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    Heaven galaxy cookie crumble is to die for

    Heaven; The (now not made) Dairymilk with biscuit

    Hell; Marshmallows
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    Love 'em both, chick, but Shortcake Dairy Milk WAS epic. Though you can get the same experience with Cadbury Snack nowadays, people seem to ignore that. HEAVEN FOR KICKS.



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    Heaven! Corn on the cob is superior no matter what.

    Heaven: grilled on the vine cherry tomatoes
    Hell: bitter cherry tomatoes raw in a salad
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    Can't stand tomatoes in any form but as I'm nice, I'll give you your heaven.

    HEAVEN: Baked potato with cheese and beans

    HELL: Baked potato with tuna mayo
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    Ooh hard one, I like both! Though heaven is better comfort food so I'll give you that.

    Heaven: Potato Waffles and spaghetti hoops
    Hell: Potato Croquettes and beans
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    (Original post by dani_1991)
    Ooh hard one, I like both! Though heaven is better comfort food so I'll give you that.

    Heaven: Potato Waffles and spaghetti hoops
    Hell: Potato Croquettes and beans
    This killed me a bit. Because I prefer waffles to croquettes but I much prefer beans to spaghetti hoops. Spaghetti hoops taste weird, like you can only really taste the juice and then there's just a slippery texture. And I still do like Croquettes, so soz babes, it's hell.

    Heaven: Raw tenderstem broccoli dipped in mild salsa dip
    Hell: Raw celery and hummus
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    Hell. I dislike raw celery- nut raw broccoli? Non merci XD

    Heaven: Camembert baguette <3

    Hell: Mango & cherry tomato salad
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    Hell. I love mango and I hate Camembert really. Sorry!

    Heaven: Chicken Kebabs
    Hell: Lamb Kebabs
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    I'm pretty sure Doner meat is lamb, isn't it? And oh my, they may be AWFULLY bad but they taste AWFULLY good. I also ADORE minted lamb kebabs. So it's hell, sorry lovely.

    Heaven: Cheese and raw red onion sandwich
    Hell: Those heinz sandwich spread sandwich
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    Hell. I'm sorry! Im not a fan of cheese and onion sandwiches. They just don't make sense to me...Raw onion too? Not ma thang sorry!

    HEAVEN: Chicken Tikka Sandwich Pieces
    HELL: Garlic Chicken Sandwich Pieces
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    Heaven. Love chicken tikka, not only from an Indian as my meal choice, but in those sandwich pieces forms. It shouldn't be as tasty when I think about it, chunks of packed quick easy chicken. But it is. I could just eat boxes full. And garlic in a sandwich seems odd to me.

    Heaven: Crispy duck pancakes
    Hell: Olives, crustini, oil dips
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    Oh heaven, so SO much heaven. Love those ducky goodness

    Heaven: Simple Cheddar Cheese
    Hell: Goats Cheese
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    Hell sorry I prefer Goats cheese (cos I'm strange like that)

    Heaven; Battered Crab
    Hell: antipasta (a plate of raw meat)
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    CRAB! Heavenly crab. Love it

    HEAVEN: Fruit Loaf with loads of cherries and berries in
    HELL: Fruit loaf with loads of sherry in.
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    I would go for hell on the basis that if I eat enough I might get a bit drunk!!

    HEAVEN: Freshly made mushroom ravioli
    HELL: Heinz beef ravioli
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    Edit: was too slow! heaven every time, I love mushrooms in every form!

    Heaven: Pesto, spinach and pine nut pasta salad pot
    Hell: Tuna layered salad pot


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