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Tesco Store Management Graduate Scheme 2011/12 Assessment Centre!

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    So...I emailed to double check...and the words are its 'potentially' an offer. but we still have to meet/talk to the distribution recruitment team to see if its right for us (ie: they also need to meet us)

    the lady from tesco said in theory there is no reason why it should get signed off and become a guaranteed offer as we were good enough for stores etc. so its still great news, but not 100% confirmed until after we speak to distribution team
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    ye sounds the same as the phone call i had, she said its not 100% but they're seeing what they can do and its hopeful or something! trying to not get too excited until its a definite! but wahooooooooooooo! x
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    yeah, basically i emailed to ask them to clarify and she called back lol

    she said its never 100% until the offer gets sent/signed off but there is no reason why it shouldnt happen.

    Just another waiting game for the phone call from distribution people now!
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    sounds hopeful, she sounded positive in mine but I think she just didn't want to say its 100% certain. exciting. will let you know when I hear anything xxx
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    ahh this is good news. I didn't know whether we had actually been offered a place, or were being offered a place at the assessment centre for distribution - so hearing what you have been told is good news!

    Fingers crossed we will get on, I can't see why we wouldn't want it!
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    im sure its not assessment centre because she said to me that we've done all the hard work so we don't have to re-apply or do any part of the process again just have a meeting with them!
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    excited! I was reluctant to go down the distribution route at first as thats what my dad did with tesco, but I am surpised at how excited by it i am!
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    ye and its skills which can be used later because every company has some sort of distribution, and at the end of the day its a graduate scheme with a decent salary and were lucky to have that opportunity....just need to get a 2:1 now haha
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    yeah, at least I don't have that worry as my grades on my masters don't matter! I am sure you will do fine!
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    Yeah 2:1 is the main worry for me as well now haha just about to hand my dissertation is as well, so this could play a major part in it!

    Let me know if you hear anything else guys
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    got a follow up email from yesterday, doesn't sound half as positive as the phone call! lol
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    yeah I agree, the email makes it sound as though its just something they're considering.

    Not gonna get my hopes now unless I hear anything concrete.
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    hey guys, did you get a phone call today?x
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    I had 2 missed calls from an unknown number at about 2PM today. I was in a seminar so couldn't answer it, even though I had a suspicion it would be Tesco!

    What exactly did they say?

    I'm hoping they will call back tomorrow!
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    How much do tesco pay to training managers, roughly?
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    ye it was probably them then because thats about the time they rang me! not alot really, sounded very positive, she arranged a date with me to go to a distribution centre, shes going to send an email with all the details! im sure they'll ring back tomorrow! x
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    Just had my phone call! I'm going to be going to Daventry distribution centre on either the 12th or 13th June. Anyone got the same?
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    I am off to livingston depot on 12/13th june i think!
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    oh she never told me where and I never asked! woops haha. she said she'd email me with the details but its on 12/13th June! Wish I'd of asked now!
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    I ended up emailing her to ask as I wanted to know if it would be close by or I would have to organise trains etc and she said atm they have me down for livingston if thats okay!


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