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Tesco Store Management Graduate Scheme 2011/12 Assessment Centre!

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    I've been on a couple in the last few weeks and they all follow the same kind of thing. Group task. Presentation and personal interview. Should be okay I think. We've all got this far so we must be doin something right
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    yeah, they are all pretty similar in structure. I have one tomorrow in fact! treating it as practice for Tesco!
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    good luck! who for?
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    I've just booked myself onto an assessment centre in London (ehem) for the 12th, anyone else on this one?
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    I'm nervous/excited about the whole thing on the 8th! Looking forward to just being myself, meeting people, and enjoying a free stay in a lovely hotel!! Haha. I've bought my outfits, gone for a coloured dress suit thing for the evening and then another more formal black one for the day. Has anyone else already worked for Tesco like me?
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    I've never worked in a supermarket before, but have done a fair bit of retail (mainly fashion) so hoping that is doesn't work too much against me. Where abouts are you staying? Manchester? Do you think we'd have to share rooms?
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    Hey bella1991. If you've got through to the assessment centre stage the choices are manchester, birmingham or london. and they give you a hotel room for yourself and a dinner in the evening with everyone! I reckon if people have retail experience it doesn't matter if it was Tesco or not. The role plays that they'll use won't be tesco related, it'll prob be about a general company eg. an IT company
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    Hey Zippy88

    Thanks, I'm booked for London although it's actually Bedfordshire haha, so glad we're staying in a hotel. Got to find something to wear for the evening now! Smart but eveningy I guess Good luck to you!
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    I wouldn't worry too much about being eveningy! They say smart formal so just treat it like an interview.

    Fordy-was for sky, quite good fun only ten of us there for 2 places! So who knows with current grad scheme competition!

    I haven't worked in retail at all, only hospitality but that wouldn't go against you unless you made no effort to understand the FMCG market and how a shop physically works, which we all had to demonstrate to get here!
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    You are right there, just got to keep believing that they put us through this far, they must have seen and liked

    Is there anyone going to London? Seems like you're all off to Manchester?
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    am sure there are plenty of people going to the london assessments! they just might not be on here!
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    Will be attending Manchester on the 5th, hope to see people then.

    I am fairly excited and looking forward to it.
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    Hi everyone,

    I am also booked on the Manchester Assessment on 8th March - seems to be a few of us attending this one!

    Feeling a bit apprehensive about what it is going to involve but really looking forward to getting stuck into it.

    I'm also an internal applicant, in my sixth year working for the company. From what I can gather having spoken to managers this is the first year they have done the overnight stay beforehand, should be interesting!

    Is everyone just graduating this time round or has anybody already graduated?

    Looking forward to meeting everybody who is there next week, and good luck to you all.
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    Hi Paws!

    good to know there'll be a few of us on the 8th! have your managers let on about anything else to do with the structure of the day? think everyoneeeee on here would love it if you u had any info?
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    It isn't the first time they have done the meals the night before as from my insider understanding (Dad used to work for tesco and go to the meals!) they used to a lot, but then I think it stopped.

    I graduated last year, but currently still at uni doing my masters so it is a pain in the neck going to all these assessment centres etc and managing uni stuff but sure I will survive!

    only a week to go!
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    I'm still at uni. Think I've spent more time applying for jobs than doing uni work this semester.
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    Good luck to anyone off to the hotel today I'm nervous for tomorrow already!
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    GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE THIS WEEEK!!!!! Let us know how it all goes xxxxxx
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    Good Luck everyone!

    See you this week!
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    Hi everyone,

    Is anyone flying over from Northern Ireland for an assessment centre? I have booked into the one on the 1st of May in Manchester, just wondering if anyone else was going over to this one?


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