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Tesco Store Management Graduate Scheme 2011/12 Assessment Centre!

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    lol cheers,
    it looks like they are calling other schemes too to give offers, so they must be pretty busy so I shall just pretend I have hope...honest!
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    (Original post by Twinkle1)
    lol cheers,
    it looks like they are calling other schemes too to give offers, so they must be pretty busy so I shall just pretend I have hope...honest!
    Have hope! It's not over until you get an answer We all hope you get it
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    yeah, I suppose im just negative because of previous situations with grad schemes earlier this year (told 4 days wait....took 4+ weeks and then it was a yes...we love you, but we need to confirm if we have the space...then sorry no space!)
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    Congrats to all those with offers - I said don't give up If you're still waiting, again keep being positive. Don't forget people will turn the offer down (alternative job, location etc) so that will be another reason it takes a while. No idea when the induction is, but I imagine it will be close to September.
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    I've just stumbled across this forum, and thought I'd join.

    I'm also still waiting for a call or, hopefully not, an email. Not looking very promising now if a lot of people have heard that they've been successful.

    Also well done to anyone who was at the assessment centre in Birmingham on the 15th and has been offered a place, I'm sure I will have met you so congrats.

    Just got to wait for a call or an email now I guess. Still holding out hope of a phone call though!
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    Congratulations everybody, I too have been offered a place. Good luck to those still waiting, i am sure you'll be fine. I have a feeling most people would have received their rejections by now!!
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    Yet to hear anything. I think I'm justified in expecting the worst considering I attended the first assessment centre!!
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    Does anyone know where we send the train receipts btw?
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    Congrats to everyone who received good news today I've still yet to hear anything at all.
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    Hi everyone,

    Got my good news phone call today - and to make it even better they said I'll be based near my home city, Liverpool. I hope you all hear what you want!!
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    I was at one of the first assessment centres so I'm guessing the fact I haven't heard anything means I should pretty much give up hope. Wish they would hurry up and send the rejection emails though
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    it doesnt seem to be in any order at all sure_orange. as people from my group on the thursday heard before the week before.

    i agree with you...send out those rejections so we can figure out what to do with our lives!
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    I wish they'd sent out the rejections before, seems kind of mean to leave people hanging on! Presumably it will just be a mass email as well which is even more annoying! Need to put my phone out of reach so I stop looking at it every two seconds when it doesn't ring!
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    yeah, I sometimes wonder why they don't say the no's first, but then I have been part of recruitment teams before and they offer the yes's to see who confirms then the no.
    What will be will be.
    Got my 'no' from my number 2 choice last night, but the woman was lovely about it. final 4 for 2 jobs ain't bad but just sucks to fall at that stage.

    Good Luck for today the few of us left on here with no word! Looking at how it goes I reckon after lunch is when we would hear.

    Also-those of you who have heard...who called you? The people we saw on the day, I know one girl got a call from one of the graduates-I would have figured they were pretty busy working in stores?
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    Hey I haven't posted on here before but I was at one of the so called London days, I haven't heard anything either so I am guessing it is a no! I just hope they tell us today! Should be thinking about my dissertation more as its in next week but thinking about this!
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    I think they should have sent the definite nos first. If we're being kept waiting because there's a chance we might fill rejected posts that's a good thing, but seeing as I haven't heard of one single rejection yet I don't think that's the case unfortunately. Does anyone know of any rejections so far?
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    I haven't heard of a rejection either! Kept in touch with a few people from the day, all of whom have either been successful or are in the same position as we are. Surely they have to let us know today or at the very least by the end of this week?! I've resigned myself to being rejected to be honest, just want the email to confirm so I can stop torturing myself!
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    i havent heard of any rejections yet either...ah well!
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    Why no email still?!
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    I think they must just like keeping us in agony! Surely has to be by the end of today.


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