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Tesco Store Management Graduate Scheme 2011/12 Assessment Centre!

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    Hey, congrats to all you lot who have got through and good luck to those waiting!

    Any advice for those of us on the A level management scheme? We have our assessment centre in just under a months time! I'm sure there'll be some similarities between the two schemes so any pointers would be really helpful and greatly appreciated


    A link to another thread above to save clogging up this one. Thanks again and good luck guys!
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    To be fair, we are quite lucky that we've only had to wait a week or 2. From what one of the graduates from last year was saying to me at my assessment centre, some of them didn't find out until August - that would have been a nightmare!

    Fingers crossed for something today. I would say if we haven't heard anything by the weekend though that we haven't got it. Would be good to know either way now though.
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    yeah, I always said if I hadnt heard for 4pm today I hadn't got it..

    ah well!
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    August?! Did they have any communication at all? I wonder why they've told some and not others. 2 weeks is well and good but not 5 months!
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    I got the impression some of the people who didn't hear to august were talking about 'where' they were going.

    But I might be wrong!
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    Yeah that's what I thought too! As in, they were waiting to find out their placement not if they'd got onto the actual scheme.
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    I hope they follow up what they said if its a no, in that we will get a little bit more feedback on why!
    I am hoping that will help me
    I really don't want my number 3 choice....once it hits 2pm I get super nervous as everyone seems to have got calls between 2 and 4 ish....
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    I know, same! I just want the answer and the feedback. If I hear anything I'll post. Hope they put us out of our misery, I'm awaiting the email.....
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    Has anyone from the Manchester AC's heard? Seems to be London and Birmingham people who know?
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    two people from my day in manchester heard, and a guy from the tuesday group has heard!

    so they have heard...
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    Its looking pretty unlikely at this point isn't it - Such a shame! The scheme looks like a lot of fun so congrats to all who have heard!
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    I was in the Tuesday group in Manchester and two people from my group have heard. Can't work out what they're up to!
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    Yes me too - boo! o well hopefully we'll find out soon so we can be out of our misery.
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    If we don't hear by the end of today I think its pretty unlikely isn't it!
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    Its been SUCH a long week !
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    just got the email! Such a shame!
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    just got the email...
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    Just got my rejection email. Finally.
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    i want my rejection now! aint had email yet...
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    I haven't had an email yet either. Until I get an email I'm still holding out hope - albeit very, very slim hope.


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