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Do I Still Have Time To Revise For My A-Level Summer 2012 Exams?

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    If I see another thread like this...
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    Sure you've got plenty of time, just spend it wisely! I haven't even started learning the stuff for some of my modules I'm taking in the summer!
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    (Original post by Nightufury)
    suggest you start NOW. learn two maths topic and two chem topics and one bio a day. make sure you are completely confident with these topics and that you take notes and memorise it. whenever your teacher asks a question or is starting a new topic make sure you read it from the textbook beforehand. so when your in class you can be a nerd (yes being a nerd is a good thing) and answer the question (hopefully correctly). not only will your confidence increase which is needed especially after you got Us but you will begin to enjoy your lessons and feel more a part of your class.

    believe me you do not want to re-sit the year. you will feel as if you have plunged into hell itself. all your friends you ever knew will be going on to a2 and applying to uni and you will be playing catch up with them for along time to come. your parents will freak out. (if your Asian you may get deported.) your younger siblings will laugh at you and your teachers will think theres another noob. you will feel inferior.

    So i suggest you never ever get another U in your life otherwise you will descend the ladder of life faster than you could have ever imagined and when you reach the bottom you will find that there is no way back to where you were at the start of that lovely summers day when you entered sixth form college.

    if i were you i would close my facebook account put my phone on silent and pack up my ps3 and tv and not listen to music on the bus everyday (this is a big distraction music=procrastination=failure) and no life revision until ive finished those exams.

    i wouldnt care what my friends or someone else said about me like "oh look he is in the library at school what a nerd" because i know come results day they will be crying and i will be the silent student with a sly grin who will be happy inside. You don't have to be smart to get As in chemistry or maths. All you need to do is put in hard work and change your lifestyle because at the moment your education is suffering big time.

    Btw this applies to any subject i just used chem bio as examples.
    LOL @ Asian Deport
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    (Original post by Azland)
    LOL @ Asian Deport
    Dude it's true :L i actually know a girl that was told not to bother going home because she got a D and 2 Cs :O
    And i was shouted at and given dirties for about 2 Bs! i did get 3 A's though
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    (Original post by exam2k10)

    I have checked the timetable online for my exam modules.

    There are roughly 100 days till my first exam :eek:.

    However, I am a bit worried that I have left it too late.

    How can I still do well in the summer exams?

    I am willing to do anything to get AAB.

    just revise hard 100 days is plenty of time there must be millions of us who have and havent revised. Starting a day before or after wont ruin your a levels just start working, stay focused and stay committed.
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    PEOPLE!!! I am in a far, far worse situation. Basically yeah, I got 1 Year left for my GCSE exams. I am so worried, I mean, I can't sleep knowing one year is not enough to study everything. I have no resits for god sake. How am I supposed to do anything knowing my whole life is moving through a long, tiring pathway to failure? I once dreamed you know, people! ONCE DREAMED! Please help, please!
    I am currently take medicine...wait "medicine" a word that meant so much to me. I wanted to study "medicine" now look at me, another failure who will not pass his GCSEs. I didn't know any better. I should have start revising from year 7 for my GCSEs but no, I can revise when GCSEs come. Thank you for reading. (please, please give me money when I beg for it from you in the streets - I'll need to survive now that my life is over now that I will not pass my GCSEs)


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Updated: June 24, 2012
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