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Klitschko v Chisora 18/02/12

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    Chisora is going to get his butt whooped.
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    Why is the national anthem being played ffs.
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    No idea.
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    The dick has a United top on, no surprise :awesome:
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    Good London lad.
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    Cheeky spit of water. Lovely.
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    what a ****
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    Is it a scouse guy co-commentating? How did the first round go?
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    Chisora has lost both rounds but has put on a much better show than Haye did against Wladimir tbf.
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    Chisora's a mong.
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    (Original post by Colbert)
    Chisora has lost both rounds but has put on a much better show than Haye did against Wladimir tbf.
    Haye was an absolute joke so I don't think anyone could possibly be worse. Chisora just walked in to about 4 powerful punches on the run, absolutely no head movement at all.
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    Wonder what Chisora will be saying when this is all over?
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    Already swinging for the hills, at least he knows he's not going to out-box Klitschko.
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    Why does Chisora just keep walking in in a straight line. He needs to move his feet and get Klitschko moving.
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    He is just doing the Fight Night haymaker trying to beat a man who is just massive with one punch when he is relatively a midget.
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    You can watch this for free if you've got Sky on 456. Apparently they had a mare with subscriptions.
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    chisora's being taken up the arse at the moment
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    It's quite nice to see Chisora doing the stalking but he's still getting picked apart even with Klitschko walking backwards ffs.
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    Chisora probably took this as a pay day rather than a fight he thought he could win.
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    Anyone know if this fight is on SkyGo tbf?


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Updated: February 21, 2012
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