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Braces, Cummerbund or both?

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    Hey guys,

    First time poster in these parts and well theres a ball i'll be attending tomorrow and i'm yet to decide to whether to wear a tux with braces, a cummerbund or both?

    Any suggestions?

    Much love x
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    Dental plan! Lisa needs braces...

    In answer to the question, personally, I wouldn't wear either. I think they both look a bit old fashioned and 'middle aged'.
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    (Original post by geetar)
    Dental plan! Lisa needs braces...

    Wear both if that's what you have, but I'd wear a waistcoat if I were you.
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    Braces are a way to hold up the trousers. A cummerbund or waistcoat cover the waist; their purposes are not the same.
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    I have a minor obsession with braces, I think they look fantastic (on the right guys obviously)


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Updated: February 19, 2012
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