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Enviromental science or Geography - Really cant make my mind up!

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    I'm leaving my current degree to begin a new one, I hold unconditional offers for Geography, (Unconditional offers for BA Human Geography, Bsc physical and Bsc Geography) and Environmental science.
    I'm really stuck as to which one to go for.

    I like the sound of Environmental science and its one of the university in questions strongest subjects. Yet I'm not sure I'd be settled on the course and enjoy it as much as I would with Geography. I guess it's due to a lack of a clear understanding as to what exactly I'll study on Environmental science - Reading the breakdown of the course is all well and good but it doesn't give a good understanding of what the lectures will involve! There is a slight worry I'd find it more challenging than Geography which would result in a poor degree at the end of it all!
    My current degree course looked to be great, but I've been nothing but disappointed since I started (Despite achieving good results) and I really don't want to find my self in that situation again.

    Geography, physical or human wouldn't be a risk as I know I love the subject and could excel if I put my mind to it.
    Yet a part of me wants to do something new, and Environmental science might just be it.

    The insight of fellow geographers/Environmental scientists would be great, so opinions please!

    Thank you.
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    Ahhhhh come on!
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    (Original post by lonelykatana)
    Ahhhhh come on!
    What uni do you hold an offer for Env Sci with? And what is your current degree that you're leaving?

    Its just there are 2 different UCAS codes for env sci, and their course structures are slightly different.
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    I am also in the same sort of situation. I have applied to do various geography degrees but I have also applied to do environmental science and outdoor education at Stirling. I really like the sound of the outdoor education part but i'm unsure if i will enjoy the environmental science part as much as i would doing geography. I have tried to find out exactly what environmental science would involve but i just end up reading things with big words that i dont understand.
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    (Original post by WdA04)
    What uni do you hold an offer for Env Sci with? And what is your current degree that you're leaving?

    Its just there are 2 different UCAS codes for env sci, and their course structures are slightly different.
    Im leaving.... Photography :facepalm2:
    Ill be doing the F850 envsci course at Manchester
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    (Original post by lonelykatana)
    Im leaving.... Photography :facepalm2:
    Ill be doing the F850 envsci course at Manchester
    Ahh well that course seems very biologically based, and you choose a lot less modules than my course.

    Env Sci is more difficult than geography, but on my course I am able to choose geography modules, and Im not sure you can with Manchester? So my course gets sort of both env sci and geog. With my course there is more emphasis on the Chemical and Physical side of Environmental Science and you can choose more Biology modules.

    I feel that a Geography degree is easier than Environmental Science, since I have a friend who is doing Geog and his work seems easier than mine.

    Im only first year, but ask me what you like and I'll try to help, but since your modules are quite different, it's difficult to tell you about them :/
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    It depends what you want. geography is geography at the end of the day, it's a good subject and fairly broad. However! Environmental Science is a far better subject in my opinion. Not only is it more respected and has greater career prospects, it has
    more room for specialisation than geography. It is a science degree and you are able to take modules on chemistry and biology, both of which are very useful. It is also more math-based than geography, and the need for grads who are comfortable with maths is high.
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    I am nealy finished with BA Geography at Wolverhampton and have been doing the same modules as BSc Geography and BSc Environemtnal Science students. I don't know whether this is just at Wolverhmapton tho as the department is closing after we finish. Bes tthing to do is to check the modules that are on offer. If you are not too good with the science-y and maths-y bits then I think a BA Geography is best otherwise without seeing the modules or knowing your interests and strong points its a hard call for giving advice.

    Best advice is to ask people who have either studied or are studying at the institutions you are interested in and have a look at the module guides and have a look at the learning outcomes, further reading and career prospects.

    A degree is built by you choosing the modules that you feel will give you the best tailored degree at the end of it depending on what you want to do as a career or what you are most interested in or are strongest at. If you want a challenge well that is a whole different ballpark!

    I hope this makes sense and will help you make a more informed decision as to which course you want to pursue.
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    Thank you all - I have chosen to do Environmental science as I was told the chance to change to physical geog is there any time within the first year! So I have a backup if I need it.

    Can't wait to get down to doing some proper work instead of this poo degree I've put up with for the past year


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