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My fitness journey.

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    So guys, tomorrow I really start and focus on my eating.

    Exercise consists of 65 minutes treadmill 3/4 times a week in which I burn about 700 calories.

    It's just my eating I need to get to grips with.

    I'm 20 male, 6 '1 or 2' ish.

    At my highest I was 19 stone odd, now hovering around 13 and a half.

    Come tomorrow I will weigh myself and update yous and also take a picture of my weight.

    Any food plans you can think of to get me started? I am a very fussy eater
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    Here are my weight pics:

    I think I might have that condition that makes you have massive man boobs.

    Will weigh myself in morning and update thread.
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    Porridge: 98 calories.
    Milk: 200ml semi skinned (75 calories)..Used about 180ml.. call it 70 calories to be safe.
    Sweetner: 4 teaspoons. 2 calsx4..8 calories.

    Breakfast: 176 calories.

    p.s - don't want to weigh myself yet as I'm sure my scales are wrong. Will go into boots and weigh myself when i can.
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    my porridge is like water.

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    You went from 19 stone to 13 stone?! That's bloody impressive already! can I ask, you don't seem to have any loose skin, what kind of exercises did you do when you lost the weight? (if any!)
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    Have to say, well done on 19 to 13 stone, thats amazing. Maybe do some weights to get rid of loose skin? More muscle you have, the more calories you burn when idle.
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    Thanks guys!

    Yeah I was 19 stone at my highest, although I'm not a great one for scales.

    I prefer to judge on how I feel, look, clothes etc.

    So many people have commented on my weight loss.

    As for loose skin, I'm really not sure.

    I did it by cutting out my really bad eating habits. I'd go through tubs of ice cream at the weekends and I just stopped that. I stayed away from stuff like cheese, cereals etc. I think cheese and bread is the devil, although wholemeal bread is OK.

    I also did workout DVDs at home. I did The Biggest Loser one and also did some of P90X which is an extreme home DVD routine which is a 90 days get ripped thingy bob. Got really bored of that. I couldn't stick to the eating plan as I didn't like most of the stuff on there. The setup also included yoga which was bloody ridiculous so I packed that in.

    I now have the confidence to go the gym so don't do my exercise dvds, but for me they really worked and I could prance around my room with no embarrassment.

    Mainly it consisted of cardio. That's what works best for me. I love to work a sweat up as I know I'm doing good then. Also did some weights, press ups, squats...the usual..

    Update on eating:

    For Lunch I had an omelette. Three eggs, dash of milk and lots of seasoning (salt/pepper)... Also had a helping of baked beans to go down with. It was nice, but more like scrambled egg. My omlette flipping is atrocious! Not sure how many calories that is.

    Exercise today:

    65 minutes on running machine
    Calories burnt: 720

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    Dinner last night was a jacket potato with tuna and beans. No butter on jacket and just lots of seasoning.

    Was a bit naughty and woke up during the night and had some cornflakes.

    New day. Not sure what to have for breakfast yet.
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    So a review...

    Yesterday's eating:






    Jacket..beans/and tuna.

    Mis: Cornflakes.

    Calories burnt: 720.
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    Good luck Tom!
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    Today's eating....


    Orange juice


    Can on chicken soup - 3 slices of wholemeal bread.


    Scrambled egg on wholemeal bread.

    Calories burnt: 800.


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