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which religion is most likely to be the 'right' one?

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    (Original post by Indo-Chinese Food)
    Really? out of all the principles flying around on this thread, reincarnation seems the most compatable with science - we know that all life after expiry goes to ground/sea/air and that matter is used to feed new life of whatever species re-grows. The earth is constantly recycling living matter, why not souls too?
    I can understand why other people may believe in it, but I'm not sure I even believe in souls- never mind reincarnation. The whole idea of being re-born as a lower life form doesn't really stick right with me because that means prioritising life forms ( Why the hell should humans be at the top?) and the idea of a soul is debatable enough, without having it continuously reborn . It's probably more compatible than most religions, but I don't think it's true.
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    (Original post by Rouz)

    I dont necessarily believe the majority is correct, we have to think by ourselves and research each individually and make our own minds up. Ive been researching early christianity and they werent very united at the begging as to what they actually believed, early christians believed alot of things, often contradictory. Some believed Jesus was God, others didnt. The history isnt very clear cut, its not the case that the creed was clear cut and straight from the beggining.
    And you would be right in thinking so. Believe it or not, I've actually had people tell me their religion is the largest or the fastest growing, and so therefore I should believe in it too. It's absolute nonsense. Just because something is believed by lots of people, it does not make it true.
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    (Original post by Hype en Ecosse)
    I'd imagine it's because of your claim that Islam is the most likely religion to be true because aspects of the Qur'an are most applicable to real life. I could make up a book on the spot with loads of advice to people on how to live their lives in every way, and then make up a creation story and a revelation story and ship it as a holy book.

    Do you see that the Qur'an's instructions aren't evidence for it being true? That's probably why people have negged you.
    Well, the quran does have evidence and thats why it is forbidden for us muslims TO EAT SWINE and drink ALCOHOL!!! God has protected us from all evil and stuff that could harm us.
    Again, do you watch crimewatch? and do you see the amount of girls that get raped??? most of them wear reavling short clothing coming out from a nightclub and thats why us muskims dress modestly and do not go to a night club.

    So the quran is obviously truthful!!
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    (Original post by Rouz)

    What ive highlighted in bold is subjective ..i personally think they make alot of sense. Other people might not, thats their choice which i respect. I think praying makes sense, being good to your parents makes sense, i think the judgment day makes sense...makes sense to me that people who have tortured/murdered others should get whats coming to them...especially if the wordly legal system has failed to catch them..why is it fair that such a person should escape without paying for what theyve done?
    Your missing the point mate, im a muslim and i believe in the quran and i beleive that it has no contradictions. The point i was trying to make was that harry potter may not contradict itself in the book, everything makes sense when you read it but if you tried to do the stuff that is possible in the book in real life then it wouldnt make any sense at all as a result harry potter does have contradictions to our lives as we cant cast spells and fly using broomsticks in that sense. I hope you know understand the point i was tryna make
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    Simply because a book has a few true claims about the nature of the world does not mean that it is a 'true religion'. Do you have proof that any figures in Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the rest spoke to god and wrote his will? No. You must also realise that Islam is likely to be more correct than the other religions in the form of observation of the world because the Koran was written the latest and therefore it is more likely to be a product of the times.
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    As a Muslim, i totally disagree with the statement women get raped because of what they wear. That's not what islam teaches at all, women are not the ones to blame if they are raped. We cover up as a worship of God, not to protect ourselves from rape
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    One that doesn't depend on interpretations of easily misinterpreted texts, so I'm going for early paganism...
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    (Original post by HSG1992)
    You could be presented with absolute proof that Islam is false tomorrow and you'd still try to find a way to wriggle out of it.
    It's this truth that makes all these religion threads a massive pile of pointless. But we love them. Seriously, Vishnu could turn up in Trafalgar Square and they'd still tell us that it said so in the Qur'an all along in some really vague and ambiguous verse somewhere.

    I'm actually talking about all religions here, not just Islam by the way.
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    I'm hindu so I ought to say Hinduism butttt It makes no sense to me to be honest.
    Pretty much all our gods are part animal, some lady had a baby come out her cheek and special women had 3 breasts. .I just find that a bit odd
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    (Original post by tamil4)
    I'm hindu so I ought to say Hinduism butttt It makes no sense to me to be honest.
    Pretty much all our gods are part animal, some lady had a baby come out her cheek and special women had 3 breasts. .I just find that a bit odd
    No wonder it doesnt make sense to you if thats your understanding of Hinduism.
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    (Original post by Charzhino)
    No wonder it doesnt make sense to you if thats your understanding of Hinduism.
    no no that's not the only thing i've got from the religion, i just think the way things are told in stories are a little too crazy for me. a lot of other religions (christianity etc) have stories which give the same/similar moral in a less extraordinary way. some people love that though which i respect, it's just my personal opinion
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    the vaguest one
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    Here's one uncompromising view:

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    The most probable would be Islam simply for the reason that it's the most recent monotheistic religion(or the most recent large one). If all of the prophets were real then Mohammed would be the most recent prophet of God and therefore have the most truthful message.
    Either that or Satanism.
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    (Original post by Your New Shoes)
    I remember revising for GCSE RS and wondering why I'm not a Buddhist. But then I realised that I can't buy into reincarnation.

    But yeah, avoiding greed ignorance and hate and so on sounds good to me
    And other religions don't reject these things?
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    This is a hard one to answer. Personally, I've flipped back and forth between Christianity (Catholicsm, most likely) and Atheism, but currently, I don't identify with any religion. Of course, that doesn't directly relate to the question at hand, but I'd like to think that I'd identify with the religion that made the most spiritual sense to me. At this point, if I were to be religious, I'd say either Buddhism and Christianity. Buddhism because it's such a peaceful religion and it's the religion my grandparents are, and Christianity because it's what I have the most experience with. That seems like a silly reason, I guess, but it's sort of like going back to what's most familiar with me. I'd just feel most "right" about being Christian, as irrational as that sounds. :D
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    Certainly not Islam, with their 72 virgins when bombing themselves in a suicide attack.
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    (Original post by damidude)
    And other religions don't reject these things?
    Not without a lot of contradictions.And it's also to please an absolutist God in most cases, so doesn't really appeal to me
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    (Original post by Sapphire33)
    as an agnostic atheist, i've often wondered which religion is most likely to be the 'right' one or the 'truest' one. Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, judasim and Taiosm all have large amount of followers with christianity being the largest religion in the world closely followed by islam. for me personally, i can't shake the feeling that Islam is the 'right' religion only because it makes the most sense out of all religions thus i have thoroughly studied the religion and deeply researched it. which religion do you think is the 'right' one?
    Islam, born into a muslim family but only started to actaully practice when I started reading up info about islam and it convinced me. Personally I don't see how so many people follow christianity, after seeing arguments from christian priests etc in my religious studies class, just got to the conclusion, bibles too contradictive and their religion is just built upon follow priests, monks popes etc without thought.
    A number of my fellow students called themselves christians just because they got christened, although they did not practice the faith or anything.
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