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People with over 1,000 Facebook "friends"

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    If I accepted everyone who tried to add me and added anyone I met I could have well over 1000 I think. It's not hard as long as your outgoing I guess, but i feel I have more friends than I need as is. I think I have like 300ish but I'm unsure to be honest.

    (Original post by Wave)
    It's not hard. I could get 1000 friends by the end of the week if I wanted. Most people will accept your add however vaguely they know you and you meet hundreds of people at school and university and work and at parties etc. To illustrate I made up a completely fake facebook profile and added people who obviously wouldn't know me (because I don't exist) and I have like 500 friends now. The guys accept because they see a female and see an opportunity and the girls accept because they want to look popular with a huge friends list. i doubt 99% of people are good friends with more than 10 people on their friends list anyway.
    Yeah so this basically.
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    Some of them are promoters, run events, are just generally really social.

    It does not automatically make them a douche/stupid/attention seeking though.
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    My friend made an account to annoy this guy on facebook (who was a real peado)
    anyway, he was adding random people (as a girl) the account has been on for over a month and has 136 friends.....

    This proves that these people would be willing to add people to their account, wether they have met them or not...
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    1000 friends isn't unusual.

    Of course out of the 1000 friends not all of them are PROPER REAL CLOSE friends. But it's pretty normal actually, when you go to a lot of parties/social events you just get loads of adds + add people.
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    Four types:

    A) Attractive girl or attractive guy that gets many friend request from randomers.

    B) People who are active on the internet and add each other from various forums/webistes e.g. twitter they visit.

    C) People who just add anyone they met at a party/social event.

    D) A person who just literally adds randomers for the sake of having many "friends".
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    (Original post by GodspeedGehenna)
    Missed opportunities.
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    I have a lot of my younger sister and brothers friends add me on Facebook and they all seem to have 1000+ friends.
    Don't know how?
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    Scouts (Y)
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    Yeah, it's almost asannoying as, follow me on Twitter and I'll follow you back.


    I hate people that just add everybody. I also hate those people that when doing ordinary things have to pose for some crazy photo like, look how crazy and weird we are facebook!
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    Before I deleted my account a number of people who on my friends list, or mutual friends were friends with over 1000 friends. Usually their conversation would be based on either asking who each other were (more likely than not it was a "random add"), or exclaiming how much they enjoyed the previous night. As an observation, such people were the loud, annoying, "popular" (by secondary school standards :rolleyes: which doesn't mean anything in later life...) and chavvy.
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    I used to have 200 friends on FB, most were people who I'd known in high school. I decided to cut it all the people who I didn't talk to at all anymore. I got to 72, even then there only 10 who I keep in regular contact with. :\
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    I get friend invites from people who were at my school, not in my year, that I've never spoken to.
    So I guess some people just add everyone.

    My best friend has attempted to add everyone on our course (~120) on FB and also got their uni emails from the uni address book and added them all to his phone.

    I never add anyone, but accept requests from people on my course/from work. I currently have 234 friends, most of whom I haven't talked to since leaving school in 2010.
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    I only have around 200 people on facebook, and if I removed the surplus it'd probably go down by like 75%, people are 'friends' on facebook for basically no reason. I would cut mine down, but people seem to take being deleting off facebook as a mortal insult.
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    Random adds, nothing more, nothing less. I have one friend who I personally know that had to make another FB account because his friends list was full (max is 5000 friends) and his already got 2000+ on his second FB account, but he is quite a famous music producer so that is one of many reasons why he gets randomly added on FB.
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    Not a good idea its totally strange just adding people that you didn't know. Just to reach that friends list i guess your putting yourself in danger.
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    I'd be impressed if Mark Zuckerberg had 1,000+ friends, let alone some spineless 16-year-old studying a useless BTEC in Performance & Art.
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    they probably know only a small amount of people whilst the rest are just random adds or people they've only met once. I've got just over 200 friends and I know pretty much everyone in my freinds list.
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    I've been getting a lot of random adds who have mutual friends with my college classmates lately...

    Something's afoot...
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    Popular party types seem to have the most friends, other than touring musicians/celebrities.
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    I have 94 friends, and I have regular contact with maybe 10 of them, and my Facebook is still full of their useless status' about how they had coco-pops for breakfast, I really couldn't imagine myself reading 1000+ of these mundane happenings of their lives.

    It's not that I'm not social, I just don't like people very much.


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