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What did everyone in sixth form do this half term?

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    Physics coursework. It's taking me forever, so much for 'a maximum of five hours'.

    EDIT: Mainly procrastinating the physics coursework, actually. :getmecoat:
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    Sweet F A
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    (Original post by elisabethr)
    Extreme Ironing.
    Extreme Baking.
    Extreme Sleeping.

    It was Extreme.
    Really made me laugh out loud. :h:
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    Sit here...
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    Did nothing for three days. Realised I had forgot to send my coursework home so I did an hours revision to spare myself the guilt of doing no work. Two cinema trips, a lot of cotching in McDonald's three bikes rides and I went paint balling today.

    I should have done more really, but you have to go a long way to beat watching movies. (Not them kind of movies.)
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    I went to Disneyland for my mate's 18th are never...NEVER too old for Disney
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    Slept, ate, got drunk and went to the cinema.

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    Spent a lot of it chilling, while doing a bit of work, I always feel discharged and out of energy after a term so I use holidays to have some fun so I feel really up for it when I go back to school.
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    It's so nice to hear of other people who haven't done as much work as they would have liked to as well haha.

    I did the homework I had to do and then did five ****s at my work, worked a total of 31 hours woooo, my life really is exciting...
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    The three 'P's: Party, Procrastinate, Pancakes (Y)
    and left all my work till this weekend, and am seriously regretting it ( Stat's cw )
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    One essay (which I literally finished 5 minutes ago) and lots of procrastination.

    I also reread The Hunger Games trilogy :awesome:
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    I did a lot of university related stuff. However, I did none of the work that would help ensure I actually get IN to university.
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    Set up a blog to go through the rest of A-Levels with me! :P But yeah... lots of procrastination, and a little bit of maths.
    Check my blog out at , would be really appreciated

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    Saturday - Stayed round a mates
    Sunday - Nothing
    Monday - Job(4hr)/Nothing
    Tuesday - Job(4hr)/Nothing
    Wednesday - Nothing
    Thursday - Nothing
    Friday - At a wedding up North
    Saturday - Nothing

    Yea. Pretty standard half term, for me.:rolleyes:
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    ReputationRep: i have left it all to do now guess i won't be sleeping tonight.
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    (Original post by tehforum)
    Procrastinate LIKE A BOSS.
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    Saturday: Theatre and Planet Hollywood
    Sunday: Tour of London baby!
    Monday: Shopping in Cambridge, and rather posh dinner...
    Tuesday: Sleeping, ignoring Valentines Day, Tacos, and train journeys.
    Wednesday: Extreme Shopping and another posh dinner...
    Thursday: Sleeping, travelling and bacon sardines. Felt guilty so went for a run.
    Friday: More Extreme Shopping & Chinese food!
    Saturday: Lazy pyjama day followed by yet another posh dinner, and drunken night.
    Sunday: RECOVERY!
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    laid my table out with all my revision and books and work to be done on the satrday we broke up....looked at it for the first time since then today.......
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    Contemplated life.

    Also watched the movie Drive.
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    Studying, visited family and procrastinated.


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