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Physics Sheffield Open Day - Has anyone been?

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    I received a letter from Sheffield a few months ago, saying i've basically got an offer for MPHYS, I just need to go to one of their UCAS open days. I'm going this week and was wondering, has anyone been? Do I need to expect a one-to-one interview? If anyone could give me an idea of what happens on the day i'd be grateful. Thankyou
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    My mate has been, apparently they got a few hot physics girls to show applicants around stuff. How convenient I must say.
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    Yep, I went and had a look around firth court for biochemistry... It was basically a very informal interview, and then a tour of the building and student accommodation.

    And yes, I swear they only picked the most attractive girls there to give us a tour. :P
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    I did it last year, and there was no interview, just a couple of talks and a tour.
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    What kind of interview questions? I was planning on going dressed pretty casual as I thought it was just an open day, and I'm not fussed about the 'hot girls' since i am a girl. Thanks for replying!
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    oh just realised yours was for biochem!
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    I have an open day on Tuesday, I have been told I have an unconditional for Physics with Astrophysics in a letter, but it won't go formally through UCAS until I attend a visit day. I presume this means they just want you to visit before they give you an offer to make sure you're really interested, and you're not going to get an interview. My experiences of interview visit day things from applying last year was that they were more for you than the university, unless you're going for Oxford or something ridiculous. Even if it is a formal interview just go and be yourself and enjoy it. If they like you at all, which they will, they'll give you an offer. How much they like you will often change the grades you need, but it's usually fairly high to ensure you choose it as a firm. Sheffield is a good uni with a great Physics department so I think they're worth putting as firm.

    I am yet to visit, but have friends there. I am looking forward to the visit day but hoping I'm not too impressed. I also have an unconditional at Glasgow, where my girlfriend is going, although she's studying theology at the ICC, so I'm hoping I will prefer there so I don't have to feel like I am sacrificing anything to be nearer to her, or to want to go to Sheffield!

    Still, it's an amazing place and I hope you enjoy your visit day.
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    P.S. Dress casual even if you're ever going for a university interview that isn't Oxbridge. Just be yourself and wear what you feel comfortable in.
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    Yeah I went today, it's a really good department and a really nice uni, Its just I live so near, and I would rather live away. I think I'm definitely going to put it down as my insurance though. The department and facilities like the information commons and the physics society were really impressive, it's the most welcoming uni in terms of people I've been to, it was a nice day. There's no interview they just sit you down in small groups to tell you your offer so there's nothing to worry about there, hope you enjoy your visit!
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    (Original post by Red Richie)
    My mate has been, apparently they got a few hot physics girls to show applicants around stuff. How convenient I must say.
    Bugger, that was the one open day i couldn't go to
    (I wrote an email and they gave me the offer anyway)


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