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Girls, do you shave your arms? Guys, do you like girls' arms hairy or hair-free?

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  • View Poll Results: Do you shave your arms/prefer hair-free arms?
    I am a girl and I shave my arms
    I am a girl and I do not shave my arms
    I am a guy and I prefer girls with hair-free arms
    I am a guy and I prefer girls with hairy arms
    I am a guy and I don't mind either way

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    (Original post by sammy-lou)
    I don't. It's never really occurred to me to do it, because it is such a boring, massive amount of effort to be dealing with legs/armpits/bikini line anyway without having to bother with arms as well!

    This thread made me think of something else that I've often debated with friends over:

    Do you shave the top of your legs i.e. above the knees?

    I always have done and never understood why people don't, but I have heard a lot of girls say they don't bother, and they're glad that they never got in to it.
    I don't!

    But I do have very fine blonde hair. I can't even epilate my legs, it just breaks the hair off rather than pulling them out at the roots so I just shave instead. But not above the knee, there really isn't much there at all...
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    :lolwut: why would you want stubbly arms?
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    Don't care
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    Bleach My arm hairs are quite dark and I just think I look better when they're blonder. I'd rather do something about it than pretending that the hair isn't there... It's not about doing it "for guys" I just feel better that way. There shouldn't be any shame in looking how you want to, like hair removal on your arms is some sort of bad thing that evil people do O.o
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    I have never understood why anyone would shave their arm hair :lolwut: I knew a girl at school who did with hers and it always looked really weird when it grew back and will result in it growing back thicker and even becoming ingrown. If it really is horrifically dark, then using hair removal creams or bleaching are the best options, but I really just don't think it's necessary :erm: Your arms are fine!
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    so far 3 people have voted "I am a guy and I prefer girls with hairy arms".

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    Lol no, whats the point :lolwut: unless it was like proper proper hairy i dont think theres a need really
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    Wax it, don't shave it. And yes, hairy arms are gross.
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    No, but I wax them.
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    thank God i dont have to worry about unwanted arm hair, i have never shaved my arms or legs since there is nothing there
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    This thread is scaring me, the majority of guys want girls with shaved arms :lolwut: it's something I've never even thought about!
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    I wax them. Lasts way longer than shaving and grows back in the same/thinner.
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    I dont bother any more they look fine unshaven and plus if I have to worry about too many things about the way I look I just get anxious and sad.

    Plus having someone you like stroking your arms is way nicer with hair, it tickles :h:
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    Yeah, I've done mine for years, not as obsessively as my underarms and legs, just from time to time. Never gotten any darker though and doesn't grow back stubbly. I feel more feminine with nice smooth arms, just one of those personal choice kind of things
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    (Original post by inadilemma)
    Simple as, really.
    that looks like a man's hand......seriously shave it off......PLEASE!!!! :eek:
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    urgh like NotYourMom said, it looks like a man's arm

    wax that ****
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    (Original post by Apixe)
    I had no idea people even shaved their arms..or that guys bothered about it. Ohdear.
    I have blonde hair on my arms, so it's not too visable anyway..but it's quite long hair but only noticable when I'm cold..or showing my arms, and I live in hoodies.
    I don't care whether my arm hair is unattractive to guys tbh.. it's natural to have hairy arms sure?
    Perhaps I could understand if you had dark arm hair but seriously - Don't us girls shave enough already? Soon it's gonna be socially unacceptable for us to have eyebrows or head-hair -.-
    FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT, hair is natural yet we need to look like porn stars or new born babies :rolleyes:

    LOL at everyone using :lolwut:
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    (Original post by redferry)
    Are they like, really really long? I can only see mine if I hold them up to the light and I've got goosebumps

    Guys, do you really look at girls arms that closely?!
    No, but we feel them :perv:
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    According to the poll most girls don't shave their arms but most guys prefer girls hair free
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    Girls with hair on their arms isn't a bother to me. If they shave it. it is nice... but if not, it doesn't change anything.


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