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Unpopular Music Opinions

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    (Original post by mau5)
    Daft thing to say really, whether your a fan of the genre or not 'Untrue' is undoubtedly in the top few albums of the last decade.

    Edit: Oh your a muse fan, that sort of nonsense is expected then.
    This thread is titled "Unpopular Music Opinions", so I posted my opinion that dubstep is absolutely awful. This is in the same way that is your opinion that the album you mentioned is one of the best albums of the last decade.

    I'm not judging people because they listen to a certain type of music, like you seem to be. I'm just expressing the fact that I loathe listening to dubstep.
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    A lot of mainstream 'club' music kills me a little inside, for example songs that take the general structure of, "Went to da club, saw a well fit gurl wearing tight clothes (possibly boots with da fur), grabbed her, told her she was sexy, may or may not have taken advantage of her". These songs usually (but not exclusively) involve input from from David Guetta.

    Google 'Wet the Bed' by Chris Brown and try not to be sick in your mouth.
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    My Chemical Romance are my favourite band

    Muse are overrated and the fact that they are classically trained does not change my mind.
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    Oasis are the most tedious band in existence - They have one ok-ish song (Don't Look back in Anger), and everything else is a derivative of it. Also, Wonderwall is one the most boring songs ever made :yawn:

    Pulp aren't that great either.
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    All Smiths songs sound the same..
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    (Original post by mau5)
    Daft thing to say really, whether your a fan of the genre or not 'Untrue' is undoubtedly in the top few albums of the last decade.
    I don't see how you can use concrete terms like that with music
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    I think threads like these should have the option to turn reputation off; I've already seen tons of comments from people who have a different opinion to me and are stupidly ignorant but I'm not negging each and every one...


    Kate Nash is good

    Electronic music is somewhat better than Acoustic instrument (Non synthetic blah de blah) music...although saying that my top three artists are all not electronically based.

    Sampling songs is good
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    (Original post by Betacra)
    Doom metal? Also not every band in a certain genre is verse-chorus and that's not always necessarily bad. However I agree black metal is probably the least conventional of the lot.

    Top three BM bands?

    All themes which hardcore and punk music have covered too.
    Okay I was thinking more death metal when I was criticising but yeah I forgot about doom metal. I just regard black metal as the...least boring because unorthodox structure has always been important to the genre.

    Uh probably Mgła, Moëvöt and Darkthrone. I have a big hard-on for the Légions Noires movement though.

    Fair enough. Hardcore bands turn crap after a few records though , excluding Minor Threat.
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    (Original post by metalthrashin'mad)
    I dislike Adele's voice.
    I don't like Nirvana, Coldplay, or Snow Patrol.
    I think Altars of Madness by Morbid Angel is mediocre at best, and isn't the best death metal album of all time, as many fans of the genre seem to think.
    I think God Hates us All by Slayer is a great album.
    Pirate metal, viking metal, e.t.c. are not real subgenres of metal.
    I don't think because a musician has died it should automatically mean people should love them. If you didn't like them when they were alive, why suddenly start because they died. I was upset when Ronnie James Dio died, but I had been a GENUINE fan for about 6 years.
    Hear hear! I was terribly upset when Dio died, I'm so glad I saw him live in 2009 with Heaven and Hell. It's a shame I wasn't able to see him earlier, but I was 14 in 2009, so it figures.
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    People who don't just criticise, but laugh and insult other people's music tastes are really nasty and arrogant. If someone is getting enjoyment from listening to, say, Take That or Lady Gaga then just leave them be. It doesn't effect you, it has no impact on your life. They are enjoying themselves and having a good time listening to music they like, you don't need to go over and spoil it for them.
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    (Original post by JOR2010)
    Hear hear! I was terribly upset when Dio died, I'm so glad I saw him live in 2009 with Heaven and Hell. It's a shame I wasn't able to see him earlier, but I was 14 in 2009, so it figures.
    I never got to, I was thinking of going to Bloodstock because H and H were playing, but after he died, I didn't want to,
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    I think Ed Sheeran is massively overrated.
    His voice isn't bad, but its not amazing. Songs like Drunk, "You need me, I don't need you", are utter crap - I don't think the lyrics are good. I don't think the rapping with an acoustic guitar works, but neither does rapping in general.
    I liked Lego House though.
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    Kpop isn't any better than Western pop!
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    (Original post by besarlalluvia)
    Kpop isn't any better than Western pop!
    +rep for how incredibly true this actually is.
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    i think Justin Bieber can get better.
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    I hate Taylor Swift...
    seriously, everyone I know seems to love her :wtf:
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    I like to listen to Gary Glitter
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    Anything to do with simon cowell is instantly always going to be ****.
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    Skrillex absolutely sucks.
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    I think that Green day and MCR are ****.
    The collaborations with pitbull kill me a little inside
    Most people who like rock music a stupidly close minded when it comes to music and same with the mainstream fans.
    90% of mainstream music is just there for the money its not about the music any more.
    60% of the people who say they like rock music don't actually listen to proper rock music they just listen to all the emo faggy stuff.
    Most of the music on the twilight soundtracks are pretty good (I am a hater of the series though).
    All mainstream music is overrated and 50% of the underrated stuff is A LOT better than the mainstream music


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