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Unpopular TV Opinions

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    Do you think you have any TV opinion(s) that could be considered unpopular or even 'controversial'?
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    Yes. There are some TV shows I am not a fan of but my friends love. One example would be the Big Bang Theory. I have watched some episodes and just cannot get into it. Then again there are some TV shows I love that my friends don't like. Each to their own
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    Keith Lemon should get presenter of the year at nexts year national television awards.
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    99% of TV sucks ass.
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    Scrubs is ****
    New South Parks are ****
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    I never found Friends funny
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    i think "Lost" is/was overrated. I could never get into it and it was such a big deal when it finally ended. It just went over my head.
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    Hollyoaks is enjoyable to watch.
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    Does anyone remember Prison Break. Everyone used to love that show but i never seemed to find it interesting.
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    (Original post by Genocidal)
    99% of TV sucks ass.
    Actually I'd say television is currently in something of a platinum age, you just have to seek out the decent stuff

    And Ladyliesel, you're probably just a little bit dim
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    I've never enjoyed Friends or South Park.

    Not all reality tv is bad.
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    Many people say The Simpsons started to suck around Season 8, but I think it was around Season 11 when it started to slip, when they had the fake Skinner story and killing Maude off.

    I also think Glee has some good musical numbers in it, and has a brilliant cast, but storywise the show is god-awful and needs a right kick up the bum. It especially needs to work on its characters - Mike and Tina are basically there most of the time to make Asian jokes about, and the show seems to have an obsession with shoving Blaine in our faces.
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    We should have a filter for trash TV shows. Only way is essex, made in chelsea and of that ilk

    And contrary to popular belief, Friends is definitely not the funniest TV ever made.
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    Family Guy is impossible to watch and Made in Chelsea is INCRED
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    Eastenders has got top notch storylines.
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    I've never really loved friends. I've seen it a couple of times...it's okay, but not really funny. A lot of people give me weird looks when I say that!
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    For everyone whose doubting themselves...

    Yes, Friends is a load of ****. Its typical can-laughter nonfunny poorly written american ****e aimed at a generally retarded audience.
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    Sony televisions are waayy overrated...
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    (Original post by Newky)
    For everyone whose doubting themselves...

    Yes, Friends is a load of ****. Its typical can-laughter nonfunny poorly written american ****e aimed at a generally retarded audience.
    Nah I think Friends can be pretty witty at times.
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    Breaking Bad is incredibly underrated.

    Only two people in my whole 6th form have seen at least one episode


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