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A ban on taking holidays during term time?

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    What about those school trips abroad during term time? Lol.
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    At my old school they banned holidays in term time since attendance figures were so poor. It's a shame that the people who were constantly truant thus resulting in the attendance figures are not those who went on a term-time holiday, or the idea might have had some merit...

    Essentially, people having poor attendance throughout the year is a much bigger issue than someone taking a week off to go on holiday.
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    I think that during exam time for high school students who are sitting GCSE's or Sixth Form students then maybe the rules should be a little bit tighter.

    But for primary school kids, a week off really wont make that much of a difference.
    Some parents work jobs that don't allow them to pick and choose their holidays so if they don't take time off during the terms then they can't go on holiday.
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    This won't change a thing, just a pointless gesture removing discretionary powers from headteachers to central government. Families will continue to take their children on holiday and absence rates will just rise.
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    It's nothing new. When I was at school parents got letters sent to them if teachers suspected their child had took a sneaky holiday during term time, I think you can also get fined by the local council as well.

    It's not right that holidays are so expensive during school holidays but they are expensive for a reason - families are only allowed to have time off together during these set times without getting into trouble. I think that is an issue people should take up with the holiday companies, not the government or schools; children go to school to learn, they shouldn't be skiving off to go have fun for a week. If you did it in the workplace you'd be sacked.

    (Maybe I'm just a bit bitter because I've only been on holiday twice in my whole life - once when I was two and once when I was 17 mainly because my family couldn't get time off together.)
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    I don't see a problem in this except insofar as bans on holidays should be far more strictly enforced, primarily with more intrusive investigation into these mysterious week long illnesses people at my school constantly seemed to get in the middle of June. School is an obligation, not something you can ditch just because you're so utterly incompetent that you need a week long trip to San Francisco to recover from the oh so weary struggles of homework that most children can manage just fine.
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    It's genius. Parents will no longer be able to take their family abroad and thus take holidays in Britain resulting in more £££ for the economy.
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    Just how does Gove intend to ban holidays in term time?

    Ooh you naught parents it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence instead of an authorised one.

    Parents who care so little about their kids education as to remove them for a holiday won't give a fig.
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    (Original post by malcolmallison)
    Just how does Gove intend to ban holidays in term time?

    Ooh you naught parents it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence instead of an authorised one.

    Parents who care so little about their kids education as to remove them for a holiday won't give a fig.
    Why do you assume that parents don't care? My parents made me miss the last week of the summer term to go on holiday when I was in year 7. I missed a week of fun and games a trip to Chessington World of Adventures, my parents obviously cared so little about my education...
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    Haha, we used to have term time holidays like every 2 years and say that it was "due to family matters abroad" ;')! worked liked a charm mainly due to I having good attendance during the rest of the year
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    I used to write in that I was too sick to attend and go skiing for a long weekend in primary school, but we did nothing in lessons and I was like a year ahead of the rest of my class so I dont really see why it was wrong, it didnt damage my life?
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    I agree with the rule. Huge amounts of taxpayers money is spent on educating children, them not being there is a complete waste.
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    Before a-levels missing a week or two, especially if it's nowhere near exams doesn't do any harm.

    I'm doing a-levels and even though I said I'd go in the summer holidays, the people I'm going with booked a holiday for 2 weeks at the end of June/beginning of July :/ At least i'm not missing any exams, if it'd turned out I had an exam during that time I'd tell them to stuff it and that I'm not paying for it when I can't go.
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    (Original post by kopite493)
    surely this is against their human rights though it is basically holding some-one in the country against their will without a just cause (just cause being the breaking of a law)

    oh wait forgot we live in a society where children have no rights
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    I agree with the bloke from Labour on this one - it should be a formalised process and it should be at the headteacher's discretion. Obviously it shouldn't be permitted willy-nilly, but in exceptional circumstances.
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    (Original post by madders94)

    Personally, I can't see it changing much - there'll just be a massive increase in children getting mysteriously ill for a week and then coming back to school with a tan.

    I disagree with these rules - holidays cost a lot more during the school holidays, people have work commitments and they're also forgetting about young carers and families with children with disabilities/certain illnesses.
    I think when you're at primary school age you can learn just as much from a holiday as you can from being in school. At that age learning is all about getting new experiences. So I really don't think they should ban term-time holidays, maybe limit them yeah.
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    (Original post by Dalek1099)
    This is ridiculous but i agree a harder line must be drawn and holidays shouldn't be allowed in Exam time-i know people,who have missed exams for holidays.

    Is Gove,the biggest idiot in the world,What about the economy?
    your sig irritates the hell out of me
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    I thought this was already an established rule??
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    How about a ban on holiday companies doubling their prices at half time then as well?

    Always thought it was a parents decision but below from Gov website states otherwise

    "While absence may be granted for a holiday during term time, it is entirely the school’s decision and is not a parental right.
    Penalty notices for unauthorised absence

    You could be issued with a penalty notice if your child is absent from school without permission. Penalty notices can be issued by:

    local councils
    headteachers (including deputy and assistant heads authorised by them)
    the police

    This can include parents who take their children on holiday during term time without getting authorisation from the school. The penalty is £50, rising to £100 if not paid within 28 days. If you fail to pay a penalty fine within 42 days you will be prosecuted."

    Its a £50 fine, i bet thats cheaper than the increase to the holiday companies prices at term breaks.
    Term dates and school holidays
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    School prior to Year 7-9 is unbelievably crap - neither my brothers nor myself ever learnt one thing. We would certainly have not missed out on our 'education' - we weren't getting any. And why should holiday companies be able to charge FIVE times more for a week in a lodge or caravan in the holidays, which we have to needlessly pay? Ugh, everyone should stop being interfering about the odd holiday while ignoring the child who can't read or is never happy or clean; the only reason they care about this is to avoid a poor attendance record for their school, while individual pupils don't matter as much at all.


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