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creepiest film ever....must see trailer!!!! [Taken]

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    its kinda old but i just watched it today it was scary :eek: and frightening to watch but i think alot people should watch this
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    Brilliant film!
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    Ahhh yes, I love that film . Wouldn't say the creepiest film ever though!
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    Wouldn't say it's really creepy, but it's so good!! usually i'm so bored by action films, but i really enjoyed this
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    I love the film and Liam Neeson is awesome
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    Creepy? :laugh:

    No, the fact that this kind of thing really happens is quite disconcerting.
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    How comes whenever the title has attention grabbing exclamation marks or is written in capitals the claims laid out in said title are always misleading?
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    There's going to be a sequal to taken btw

    Can't wait!!
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    Not creepy at all. But a good film.
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    A good action title, but the idea that this film is at all creepy is pretty laughable.
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    Liam Neeson is boss. He should have been bond! Not a creepy film though, at all really.
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    i love this film!! can't wait for the sequel although I don't really know how they're going to continue it....
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    Definitely not creepy. Brilliant film though.
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    Yes its a good action film.

    I guess the OP means the concept of girls being trafficked is creepy.

    The film makes it look pretty easy to carry out these kidnaps tbh. I can think of a couple of girls I knew at uni, that would have fallen straight for that random French guy's scam of inviting them to a party.
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    Love it. Liam Neeson is the most hardcore man alive based on this alone.
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    The Man from Nowhere > Taken. But I still love Taken, good action film.
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    I consider "The Human Centipede" to be creepy, not Taken.

    Taken is brilliant!
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    It's a decent thriller. Not sure where you got "creepy" from..
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    Taken 2 is due this year.

    If you liked Taken check out Man from Nowhere which is a similar vigilante style movie. It's Korean with subs but they make some bloody good films over there.
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    It's an awesome film


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Updated: February 28, 2012
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