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Unpopular Film Opinions

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    I don't like the Pirates of the Caribbean, I find Jack Sparrow rather annoying.
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    I hate Titanic.
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    3D is and always has been a money making gimmick. It is not advancing the film industry.
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    Can't bear any of the later Harry Potter films, or Twilight
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    I am a guy and love the film mean girls, I wouldn't even class it as a chick flick it is pure genius :')
    Transfomers is overrated.

    To all those who say that the Harry Potter books are children's book are only correct for the first 3 books after that though the books got incredibly dark for a children's book seriously who would think the books 4-7 are aimed at children?
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    (Original post by Peli-Pelican)
    Can't bear any of the later Harry Piotter films, or Twilight
    Not even Deathly Hallows part 2?
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    I didn't find The Hangover funny
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    (Original post by JordanS94)
    Not even Deathly Hallows part 2?
    Not even deathly hallows part 2.
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    I thought the Matrix trilogy was crap. Especially the first one.

    Also, I don't care at all for Harry Potter. I only liked the first film, and that's probably only because I was young back then.
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    The Hangover wasn't as funny as the majority of people made it out to be.
    & Insidious not being scary in the slightest.
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    (Original post by kingkongjaffa)
    Inception was not a complex hard to follow plot line like some would make it out to be.

    avatar was terrible.

    the matrix makes not sense in terms of it's plot is broken, how do neo's powers transcend the matrix into the real world, why would the machines stop killing everyone if neo went to the mainframe? is the architect a human whodesigned the matrix or a machine?
    Most people this film was like Marmite. I was an exception to this - I didn't know what to think. Anyhow, hate to rain on your parade but in 2014 Avatar 2 is coming!
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    (Original post by Peli-Pelican)
    Not even deathly hallows part 2.
    You have no soul D:
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    (Original post by abc:))
    Yeah... I really wasn't keen on Fight Club. I'm planning on watching it again cause I just don't get how so many people can love it and I don't...there MUST be something I missed.
    THIS!! I really did not like that movie. I only watched it recently and was disappointed because it was so bad and was really expecting it to be good. And yeah I felt that there must be something I missed too. I honestly don't get why people like it :confused:
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    Star Wars (4-6) are the most boring films ever. The acting is cringeworthy. I recently bought them on Blu-ray and I actually burst out laughing several times at the acting. I don't see what the huge attraction is to them.
    Avatar is boring.

    I love Twilight<3
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    I secretly enjoy grease 2 even though most people think it's terrible
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    (Original post by JordanS94)
    You have no soul D:
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    Superbad is hugely overrated.
    3D Cinema is terrible and pointless
    People who refuse to watch films because they are subtitled only are fools.
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    (Original post by Callum828)
    I was getting at the fact that every member of the team except the seeker is pretty much irrelevant. If he catches the snitch he gets an obscene amount of points AND ends the game. And even if the opposing team is more than 150 points ahead, the seeker would just ignore the snitch until they weren't.
    JK tried to design a game that would let the protagonist be super-important, it was stupid.
    I agree with you that JK's reasoning for the catching the snitch and ending the game was to make Harry look important, but at the same time, there would be the risk that the seeker of the opposing team could catch it first.
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    a film i think is quite underrated is School of Rock , that was a good film.
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    (Original post by Pop_tart)
    Star Wars (4-6) are the most boring films ever. The acting is cringeworthy. I recently bought them on Blu-ray and I actually burst out laughing several times at the acting. I don't see what the huge attraction is to them.
    Amen! But then I am Trekkie....


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Updated: July 18, 2013
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