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    (Original post by Architecture-er)

    The Gamecube is the best console to date, both in terms of style, game library, comfortable controllers and everything.
    Yes yes yes a thousand times yes.

    The Gamecube was fantastic. The best controller as yet, and my favourite multiplayer console to date. It was better than the Nintendo 64 - its core library of 10-20 games are some of the best games of all time.
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    oooh boy where to start.

    We are currently in the golden age of gaming as everything coming out now has learnt from decades of mistakes and innovation to produce the best games we have ever had. Anyone who thinks otherwise clearly hasn't played a game from a previous generation for a while or has a severe case of the nostalgia.

    The Call of Duty series are well made games, the only issue is the frequency they are released and that people can't stand popularity.

    People who use the "its the same game every year" argument directed at COD, yet buy yearly updates of FIFA should be publicly mocked and humiliated.

    Multiplayer gaming is a waste of time. Seeking out and playing a new, finely crafted single player experience is far more worthwhile.

    Online passes are a good thing, and more should be done to curb the used game market. The "games are too expensive argument" doesn't hold up as if you are poor yet paying full price from GAME rather than saving money by buying online or waiting a couple of months for the inevitable price drop, you deserve to be ripped off.

    Zelda should adopt a tone similar to the LOTR trilogy
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    (Original post by Architecture-er)
    Personally gaming has made me a better public speaker, leading 24 older raiding players at the age of 16 in WoW does wonders for your confidence, especially when you're all on voice chat

    Used to hate giving presentations so much, but now I just explain things in a similar fashion to a boss fight, so it's very logical and concise, and I find it so much easier!

    Having a week break at home inbetween semesters at the moment, and my mum gets home from work and one of her first questions is "so how long have you been playing today??". She wouldn't ask that if she'd found me reading a book
    Thats brilliant, I'd rep you but I've used it all up, mostly on this thread lol

    Oh and this "Zelda: Windwaker was one of the best Gamecube games." = hell yes!!
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    I'm unimpressed by Nobuo Uematso. I love the music of FFX, but as I understand it that game's score had significant input from both Masashi Hamauzu, Junya Nakano as well as Uematso. I've heard plenty of soundtracks from the other FF games (where the music has been composed by Uematso only) and there have been very few pieces of music from them that I've liked anywhere near as much as those from FFX.

    (Original post by Stratos)
    A good game is like a good book.
    This sums up many of my attitudes towards video games as well. I used to feel that they were a useless hobby, but I've come to think that one shouldn't try to restrict themselves to only the pursuits which have definite redeeming value.
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    The gamecube controller is the worst controller.
    David Jaffe is an idiot and Twisted Metal is terrible (God Of War ftw though).
    Minecraft sucks.
    Most indie games are terrible.
    The only western game that compares with japanese games is Kotor 1.
    The best games ARE Japanese.
    Hideo Kojima is more talented than Miyamoto.
    Military Shooters are boring.
    There need to be less shooters.
    Activision should be dissolved.
    There needs to be more RTS games.
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    Any original Naughty Dog games are the best of the genre.

    Graphics are pretty but mostly used for covering up unimaginative gameplay. Why do the two seem to be mutually exclusive?

    Why in all modern games is the field of vision getting shorter (Darkness II)? I'd rather have field of vision than unnecessarily pretty graphics.

    Some old people out here do still play games, where do you think my kids NES and SNES came from? (and N64, Gamecube, Sega Saturn ... )
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    (Original post by DudeJericho)
    Thats brilliant, I'd rep you but I've used it all up, mostly on this thread lol

    Oh and this "Zelda: Windwaker was one of the best Gamecube games." = hell yes!!
    I know, this thread is so rep-able!

    When I played Windwaker I was still young enough to get kicks out of all the time-consuming stuff, but still finish the game. Omgmgmgmggg I want to buy a Gamecube right now just so I can play it >.<
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    I hate games like call of duty and modern warfare. They actually bore me, now its more about the graphics than the actual story line
    I'm sure that my big toe could write better storylines than some of the games have at the moment.

    Playstation one games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil 2 will always be better in my book
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    I hate Halo.
    The Jak and Daxter series was awesome, however I Uncharted was terrible.
    Golden Eye was overated IMO.
    I love all the Nintendo games; Mario, Zelda etc.

    My favourite games are Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Jak 3, Star Wars: Battlefront II and Skyrim is probably up there.
    I enjoy sport games like FIFA and SSX and I wish there was a decent rugby out.
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    (Original post by 3nTr0pY)
    Mediocre gameplay with a great story and characters >>> Great gameplay with a terrible story and characters

    And also, I concur with whoever said that unrealistic, artistic characters can often be better than the drab realism inflicted on us in almost every modern game.
    This brings knights of the old republic/mass effect to mind, the combat isn't what it could be, but the story is just magnificent
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    Mass Effect is the best sci-fi story told in any form of media

    Uncharted 3 was horrendously overrated

    Raiden (MGS2) is not that bad of a character (Despite having the deductive skills of a turnip)
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    I actually really like Final Fantasy 13/13-2's battle system.
    I don't think Street Fighter is the best fighting game series out there.
    I don't like COD (it's normally just chav's that think they know about games that play it 24/7)
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    (Original post by KCosmo)
    This brings knights of the old republic/mass effect to mind, the combat isn't what it could be, but the story is just magnificent
    I love the combat of KOTOR.
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    The Nintendo DS is the most pointless thing ever.
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    I wish Nintendo still made epic games. Zelda and Mario were just brilliant. Simply amazing gameplay.
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    Oh yeah, and another one. Online play for fighting games isn't everything.
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    Halo Sucks...
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    (Original post by Hester_23)
    Mass Effect is the best sci-fi story told in any form of media
    You're kidding right? There are a lot better sci-fi stories in books than Mass Effect.

    • Halo is rubbish + it's occupied by 9 year olds.
    • Final Fantasy 6 is the best FF in the franchise, FF7 is just some emo characters with big swords.
    • Battlefield 3 is very boring.
    • Modern Warfare 3 is very boring.
    • Games need to focus on better storylines. There use to be a time where I would love playing a game's story, now I just rush through or skip it.
    • Activision has destroyed some good companies. Thanks to them, Starcraft 2 sucked and Diablo 3 also looks rubbish because of no lan and the addition of an auction house.
    • Portal is meh
    • Rockstar is the best game developer.
    • Minecraft is rubbish
    • The MMO genre ain't my thing but Guild wars 2 sure does look fun
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    -The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess is massively overrated. It's not a bad game, just nowhere near one of the best Zelda games in my opinion.

    -Another Zelda opinion: I don't understand how people say Phantom Hourglass was terrible yet say Spirit Tracks fixed everything. I honestly don't think it really fixed anything.

    -There shouldn't be another remake of a Pokémon game until Gen 6. And the next handheld RPG should be in 3D, or at least be top-down 3D similar to the previously-mentioned Zelda games for the DS.

    -Another Pokemon opinion: I think Colosseum/XD were good games. It offered something somewhat different, yet people complained it "strayed too far" from the formula which frankly is getting a bit tired.

    -I don't think all modern Sonic games are bad. Yes, stuff like Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic 06 are terrible, but Sonic Heroes and Sonic 4 aren't that bad.

    -Capcom have made some excellent games but need to stop rereleasing them. Resi 4 and the first Phoenix Wright are guilty of this.
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    the world needs dungeon keeper 3 and theme hospital 2

    also, psychonauts 2
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