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promote your twitter.

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    I promote my short films and chat away on there
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    This is to plug my friend's Twitter.
    He makes hilarious videos on Youtube.


    Follow on Twitter - www.twitter.com/ImranoTV
    Like on Facebook - www.imrano.com
    Subscribe on Youtube - www.imrano.tv
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    (Original post by Stripe)
    I want to post my Twitter to get more followers :lol: but also want to keep my identity private.
    Same here :lol: I was also considering posting my blog on here as well.
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    I only seem to tweet when drunk or bored though so...yeah...
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    Sometimes I say interesting and funny things on here: https://twitter.com/#!/clackpants

    And I post my daily blogs on there about student lifestyle, dating, politics, humour etc. You can find the blog which I people seem to enjoy reading here: http://clackblog.wordpress.com/
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    things that inspire me, things that make me laugh, things that piss me off. I follow back
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    I follow footballers/models/journalists and generally people with opinions. I re/tweet funny stuff, football stuff, and my personal thoughts which are usually funny and about football. Go figure.
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    Film mainly
    Stalking John Simm
    *****ing about normal day things
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    I follow everybody back

    I tweet um.. about most things.. but if you want tweets about Justin Bieber or One Direction.. FOLLOW ME. I'm always in the mood to tweet mean things about their success.

    I fear many people won't follow me now

    Oh PS.. be careful with promoting twitter at school.. school friends ruin twitter. This is my good deed for the day.

    Thank you and goodbye.
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    I am Techno Viking at the moment, and when I'm not I'm Suria Hani. lul

    I am a notorious rambler, and I always follow back fo sho

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    General outlook on life

    A competition for unsigned bands I'm running the twitter page for

    My fashion blog account
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    random stuff tbh, what im up to, tv, music ect
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    Mainly random things and life really. I'll follow back
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    Raanddom ****! Anything I think or feel at the time. That's it really. No agenda.
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    (Original post by jasond567)
    Ive followed you all, the one with the weird 3d pic thing


    Funny pics
    And i try to be humorous...

    (Original post by brownieboy)
    LFC supporter, chilled out guy and im 17 and stuff... www.twitter.com/muki1994

    (Original post by IndiaCaitlinn)

    Life, music, film, TV, I'd like to think I'm a bit witty
    Just ask and I'll follow you back! x
    Followed. Will follow more later.

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    @GGLDN occasional timeline takeovers will occur in spurts of 100-300
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    generally whatever's on my mind
    also have started a blog (littlegirl--bigcity.tumblr.com) about my experiences with applying for fashion courses at uni and what's going on regarding that so check it out

    much love xx
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    Observations, panicking about my impending journalism course, university-influenced gloom, talking about food


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