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Do you love your parents?

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    (Original post by redferry)
    I love my parents more than anyone else in the world, they made me who I am today, I would be nothing without them and I will be eternally grateful to them.
    I can talk to them about anything ,they are the soundest parents ever, I love getting drunk with them, last year me and mum went on holiday together and it was so much fun.

    They are the best people I have ever come across, especially my dad, he is the best dad in the world.

    Whatever I do in life, I just want to make them proud, because I am so proud and grateful to have parents like them.
    This is basically what every child/teen living in the eastern world feels about their parents. I can't say the same for the western society though - maybe cultural difference. ? I find it sort of sad... why would you not?
    None of my business anyways...
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    I know how you feel, and share your feelings. But in general people do love their parents, and we are the anomalies. I can trace mine back to the fact that one parent of mine was abusive and whilst the other is a really good parent to me (went to live with them when I was 15) my childhood sort of removed any attachment I have to family - it's the same with my brother, grandparents etc. Up until 18 months ago I didn't feel any emotion at all, but now I have a full emotional range and there is still no love for my parents. I do have respect, and feel a certain debt to my father for looking after me, but there is no love. I just wonder if you can trace your feelings back to a similar experience in any way?
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    I love both my parents very much. We don't have perfect relationships- I wish I saw my dad more/that he hadn't left, and I wish my mum didn't drink so much and that she could see that I really do care about her but equally, I'm sure there are many things about me that they wish they could change. We're very different, but I can't imagine ever not loving them and I'm extremely grateful for everything they have done for me, particularly my mum.
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    what idiot, outside of abuse, does not?

    Those who don't love their parents should be thrown to the wolves.
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    I don't love my parents. They've never been there for me so why should I?
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    I don't know if I love them. They spent such a long time telling me what a worthless piece of **** I was...
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    I'm really relieved to find this!

    Like you, my parents are pretty flawed, but I know that that's completely normal, and that they've given me so much and have played a part in making me the person I am today

    I want to repay them, and am extremely grateful to them, but when I imagine that they've suddenly died, I imagine the aftermath to be similar to what you described. I don't harbour any hatred towards them, and of course I say that I love them, but at the same I just try not to be in the same room as them because it is uncomfortable and they end up being frustrated with me.

    I have a completely different attitude towards my best friends and my brother so sometimes I also wonder if I really love them. I'll always be there for them and everything, but I don't tell them much about myself (they don't know what grade I've reached on the piano or about my D of E, or even about who my friends are and where I want to go to uni). I don't really feel like they should come to my wedding when I'm older, because that would be weird...... but I don't know if this is really bad, or not

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    I love my mum to bits. My dad is another story. I probably love my dog more than my dad
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    As you get older you grow out of saying 'I love you' ...weird..but deep down you know you love your mum and dad dearly and nothing can change that. However I would be very interested to know the psychology or even the biology behind some of the experiences described here and, of course, the ageing bit.
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    hi everyone, i love my parents very much. but i think not the vice versa. they never supported me in any of the ways. they do not know about my feelings and wishes. i am very sad about that. but i could not hate my parents because i know their feelings when they are hated by their children.
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    I don't think I realised quite how much I loved my dad until he died. I made a conscious effort at the time he was ill to make sure he knew, I told him everytime I saw him, I'd always leave saying I love you, Daddy. So yeah I do love my parents and knowing how heartbroken I was losing my dad, I love my mum even more.
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    Yes. I love them and my grandparents more than anything. I can talk to my Mum and Grandma about anything and I always do. They have given a good start in life and I will always appreciate them for that, something that there parents couldn't do for them.

    (Original post by katetaylor)
    I don't love my parents. They've never been there for me so why should I?

    (Original post by snowyowl)
    I don't know if I love them. They spent such a long time telling me what a worthless piece of **** I was...

    I think parents who are like that don't really love their children.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)

    I think parents who are like that don't really love their children.
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    Yeah I love my parents. I'm a very private, and often distant person and I think they respect that about me, so we don't talk about relationships or those things at all. We do talk a lot about politics, art, current affairs, my studies, etc though.
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    Yes, even though I'm not vocal about it.
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    im with you on this one but i can safely say i would give my life for theirs any day
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    So don't think you're a bad person, I like to think I'm morally decent so You don't pick your parents, so don't be obliged to love them just because it's socially acceptable to

    I have exactly the same precise worry. My parents are admirable people who fulfill all their responsibilities as parents in terms of providing me with shelter, food, clothing, security, an education and other stuff. Yet I don' feel this attachment of 'love' to them. To begin with I quite ignorantly believed I did love them just didn't know it as I did not love anybody else at that point so I didn't know what it was meant to feel like and I hoped someday that I would have had an epiphany. However currently I feel love towards other people and I don't feel an inkling of that towards my parents. I am also slightly worried that I may be abnormal.


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