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Is It Okay For Me To Have Two Boyfriends ? :/

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    (Original post by littleshambles)
    Short answer: No

    Long answer: No
    Now consider having a poll on this... :eek:
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    You are that 100% who takes plesure in destroying hearts you evil son of a b*tch.
    Go die or something? and stop sexing around
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    Its only acceptable if you tell them both and they are both ok with it, otherwise it is morally wrong because you know it would hurt them if they knew.

    Also don't deprive this poor medic guy of sex, let him get out there and find someone who really wants him and isn't just messing him about and using him to fulfil their own selfish needs.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    (...) Is this morally okay (...)
    I think not so.
    Of course you can double-crossed one or both of them, but
    I think neither one of them would be happy after that.

    What would do you think if you have been double-crossed?
    You would be as frustrated as like they.
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    Your a evil ***** tbh, who deserves to die
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    (Original post by mrgamer98)
    evil son of a b*tch.
    And there I was thinking that op is a girl. Duh!!! So stupid of mee...:rolleyes:
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    Sound like two guys are both very ****ed-up. Yes, you can!
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    (Original post by Ortegas)
    Sound like two guys are both very ****ed-up. Yes, you can!

    *Sounds :rolleyes:
    Your post shows us how responsible and trusting you will be in your relationship with many many loves of your life...:cool:
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    (Original post by Kittythecat)
    And there I was thinking that op is a girl. Duh!!! So stupid of mee...:rolleyes:
    You learn from your mistakes huh, At least your not gunna be stupid next time?
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    Fine, but don't expect not to get smacked in the mouth when your long term partner discovers you've been chugging someone elses load with the mouth he's been kissing e.g. be candid

    (Original post by GodspeedGehenna)
    ITT: Nice guy finishing last. This is why eventually 'nice' guys get tired of being used and start treating women like ****.
    Naw mate, granted some will but mostly they tend to just come on TSR, and have a good ol blub about how unfair the world is, then move onto the next girl and make exactly the same mistakes, or settle for a fugly..

    (Original post by idiot_heart)
    It's only ok if they both know the situation and both agree with it.
    Correct answer.

    (Original post by beccafairy)
    a 'play' boyfriend? seriously?! it's unfair enough as it is, but you're just using the guy
    Depends how open she is about all this, most guys would love to be a 'play thing' if the girl is sufficiently hawt
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    (Original post by mrgamer98)
    You learn from your mistakes huh, At least your not gunna be stupid next time?
    YA yA
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    No, stay with your boyfriend and just be friends with the other guy.
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    tbh the other guy just sounds more like a friend, unless you are leading him on, which is not nice.
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    If they both know about it and are happy with it yes, but it sounds as though this 2nd boyfriend of yours will be a hidden secret from your 1st boyfriend, and also the 2nd bf as you said is just a 'play' boyfriend (:lolwut:) so you'd be decieving them both. Don't be such a nasty piece of work. It's wrong and the fact you had to even ask shows what kind of person you are tbh.
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    Silly whore.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Hello TSR Friends

    ME: 20 year old girl who lives in UK studying at university.

    My boyfriend:,long distance, I really like him and his made a SUPER effort to make this long distance relationship work, we skype daily, he has booked us vacations this year around the world, we talk on the phone 4 times a week and it's all going well he sends me gifts in the post every other week. His end goal is to return to UK to stay in his companies UK office in 2015. He really loves me and is making an effort with all this long distance stuff. I appreciate it, especially the fact he wants me to travel the world with him and do things I'd never get the chance to do. His amazing, caring, down to earth, humble and treats me like a princess.

    I love him loadssss but I get so lonely without him here all the time anymore

    The other guy : This guy is in my university, his 20, he is a medic student, he is sweet and stuff. He is a newbie and really sweet he likes me, and I've been dating him for the past few weeks and he has asked me to be his girlfriend, this is the typical 'college' love, it's just sweet and playful not seriously passionate and 'proper' love like my boyfriend. We hang out in student bars and do studenty stuff. Well this dude wont be like my 'boyfriend' boyfriend, just like a 'play' boyfriend for when im at uni

    Is it okay if I have my long distance boyfriend and my in college boyfriend ?
    They would never cross paths (well obviously) and my long distance boyfriend is more the settling down mature type (cultured, well traveled, caring, devoted etc), the medic dude is just someone to hang around , study and do typical every day 'normal' stuff with.

    I love times with my boyfriend, flying around and doing all these things which he is kind enough to share with me but I just get bored at uni during those gap phases. Of course this medic dude will just be a 'play' boyfriend and I won't get like attached to him. Just for the time being you know.

    They're just so different, with my long distance I wear like dresses, high heels etc, with college dude I wear jeans and converse so just two very different settings.

    Is this morally okay ??

    They'd never find out

    Also I will not sleep with medic guy
    No, it's not okay.

    Also, please for the love of God, learn the difference between "his" and "he's". :facepalm:
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    Yes, it is OK to have two boyfriends. Monogamy/monoamoury (I swear I just made that word up) isn't for everyone. However, that's not the end of the story. You're also asking if it is OK to break their trust, lie through omission, directly lie if asked, etc. Is it OK to have two partners but make each one think they are your one and only? Is it OK to cheat on your partners?

    Do we really need to give you the answer? Honestly, if you can't see why lying, cheating and generally breaking the trust invested in you is wrong then you are not ready for relationships.

    I'm poly, I have two boyfriends. The key difference is that they know each other and they know the situation. No-one gets lied to. If you can't handle that, you can't handle having multiple relationships.
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    Tell the medic guy you're taken but can still be friends. I'm sure they'd both be anrgy if they new about each other, you can't have your cake and eat it.
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    (Original post by Foo.mp3)
    Depends how open she is about all this, most guys would love to be a 'play thing' if the girl is sufficiently hawt
    haha i guess, though i don't think that would be the case if he thought he was her one and only 'real' boyfriend. so many quotation marks!


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