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What do you have on your pancake?

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    spinach, ham & cheese :drool:
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    hot melted chocolate drizzled


    sugar with a dash of fresh lemon juice (unlike the bottled lemon juice some of you would buy from the supermarket :rofl: )

    fresh ingredients ftw, and no, your not allowed pre made pancake mixtures!
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    Today is pancake day? :zomg:
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    (Original post by SleepySheep)
    Today is pancake day? :zomg:
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    Just a little bit of Nutella on the side.
    (Nutella=Hazelnut chocolate sauce.)
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    Depends savoury or sweet.

    Savoury = chicken, prawns, sweet chilli sauce and some lettuce.

    Sweet = obv. lemon & sugar
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    I love the traditional lemon and sugar, but I also love them with apricot jam and covered in icing sugar - I got a taste for it after going to Vienna. I don't have any apricot jam this year though, so it's been lemon and sugar =]
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    (Original post by Mocking_bird)
    Sugar and lemon... its just got to be!
    Pos rep for big bang theory sig. Made me laugh
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    Lemon and Sugar, with a bit of melted butter :coma:

    Gunna go make some now
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    (Original post by SleepySheep)
    Today is pancake day? :zomg:
    Yeah, I know - it crêped up on me too...


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    I don't particularly like pancakes but if I had to choose it would probably be chocolate. Although I did have a rather nice one recently with bacon and an egg.
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    Had them with smoked bacon and maple syrup tonight :coma:
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    (Original post by H.JJJ)
    Pos rep for big bang theory sig. Made me laugh
    Yayy, thank you hahah
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    strawberry jam
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    Savoury pancake: chicken in white sauce with bacon pieces, sweetcorn and mushroom
    or ham and cheese
    Sweet pancake: vanilla ice cream, banana and banoffee sauce or nutella, banana and chopped hazelnuts
    Mmm, not long til they'll be ready now!. . . .
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    Just had 4 with at least 9,000 calories worth of butter and sugar piled ontop, omnommmmmm.
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    Would have added strawberries, but we're all out.

    And always have to have one with just sugar. Hate lemon, so no lemon for me...
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    (Original post by Sockpirate)
    Yeah, I know - it crêped up on me too...


    Well that certainly deserves a +rep (......tomorrow :dry:)

    I had no idea so I missed out on packcake breakfast. And lunch. :sad:
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    Nutella, Golden Syrup and Lemon Drizzle ( Not on the same pancake!)


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