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What do you have on your pancake?

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    (Original post by kog)
    Not sure why got negged twice there, it is just batter after all, thus a fluffier version of yorkshire puddings
    I get your love of having a savoury version with meat on it. At home I have it with mince meat but I've been getting funny looks from people in my house at uni. They are nice. They are more like yorkshire puddings than Staffordshire Oatcakes but that is the reason mum thinks we have savoury ones as they are quite similar in a way.
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    Peanut butter
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    Lemon and sugar, with squirty cream
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    I had this crazy moment where I put philadelphia cream cheese on my pancake and have loved it since!
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    Sugar & Cinnamon
    sooooooo good!!! :tong:
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    (Original post by aeterno)
    Nutella and banana :coma:
    This ^ So gorgeous!
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    (Original post by aeterno)
    Nutella and banana :coma:
    Same! Sooooooo goooooood!
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    Start with cheese, end with lemon and sugar.
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    (Original post by Ra Ra Ra)
    Lemon and sugar. Or hot apples (so it's like an apple pie, yummy). Sometimes I put chocolate buttons in and wrap it up. Ooh, I'm EXCITED
    ....that sounds *amazing*.
    No pancakes today because Mum and I both forgot, so we didn't have any stuff in the house ^^". I'll make some tomorrow - think I'm gonna try the hot apples and the chocolate buttons now that I've read that :P
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    Try nutella and peanut butter- it's squishy snickers goodness!
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    :coma: Sugar and Lemon is the BEST! :tong: (Maple Syrup is damn good too though!)

    <3 x
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    Cheese and ham, followed by nutella.
    Why have pancakes for one course, when you can have two?
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    Only sugar and lemon should go on a pancake. Chocolate?! GRAVT?!?

    Why, youre all insane!
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    I like mine with a kiss.

    Oh, and lemon and sugar.
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    Sugar and lemon!

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    Usually have Lemon and Sugar but had a combo yesterday.

    Had ChokABlok Peanut Butter Icecream and homemade chocolate sauce on one stack and then later on had a Smokey Streaky Bacon and American Maple Syrup on the other. Plus they were lovely fat American pancakes as well! Lush!
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    (Original post by bhogs001)
    I will not be having pancakes. Im allergic to wheat...
    Wheat free pancakes taste pretty much the same and just as easy to make. I'm coeliac and made a batch of crepes and another batch of American pancakes - I now see what all the fuss is about! I had them with chocolate spread, golden syrup and I made a gorgeous raspberry compote/coulis stuff I wanted to make caramelised bananas too but I thought I would just end up screwing everything up trying to make lots of different stuff. I love pancakes, need to make more!!!! Asda was selling golden syrup at £1.37 or 2 for £1 so I obviously have loads left!
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    Normally: Sugar & Orange
    Yesterday for a change: Nutella, Whipped Cream & Chocolate sprinkles
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    Just a little maple syrup drizzled over it. And by a little, I mean I drown my pancake in syrup. P: I think it comes from living in a state that does a lot of maple syrup production!
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    NUTELLA!!!!! or sugar and lemon- mmmm


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