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Roehampton PGCE Primary

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    I've been accepted onto the full-time PGCE Primary course at Roehampton, and was just wondering if anyone else on here is doing or has done the course, and could give me some idea of what to expect (it's all a bit vague at present). I'd really like to be as prepared as possible before September, main questions would include:

    What materials are students recommended to look at before starting?
    Which schools do people do their placements or get employment in?
    What's Roehampton like as a place to live and is it better to live on campus or find accomodation elsewhere nearby?

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    I've also been accepted to the full time PGCE at Roehampton and have been thinking the same thing.
    In my offer, although it was unconditional they recommended that I get some experience in yrs 5 and 6, so I guess continuing to build up experience would be a good thing.
    At my interview, they said most placements would be in the south west region of London, although people I know who have done the same course have had places in Surrey.
    As for the last question, I'm planning on commuting (as I'm only about a half hour drive away) but when I looked round halls there they were mainly catered (although this was about 4 years ago when I was applying for my degree)

    Hope this helps, see you in September xx
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    Hi Sam, thanks for the reply and the info. Hope your observation period goes okay, see you on day 1


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