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vista wont connect to strongest network

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    bacically i now have 2 wireless networks in my house one from my home hub but have a black spot so got a deverlo thing you plug one end into the hh that plugs into the wall socket (powerline ethernet) the reciver has a wifi radio inside which braudcasts wifi into my black spot the deverlo thing is a completerly differant connection settings

    bacically while in the bath i like to watch a program normally on the i player the bathroom is next to the computer room (with hh) so i get full signal the deverlo wifi radio is in my bedroom cos im selfish and want the best possible plus give perfect covorage to the blackspot anyway

    what the old xp laptop does is connect to deverlo when in my room and to hh when neer to that mine even when in computer room is still connected to deverlo

    in short is there anything i can do

    many thanks
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    Do both wireless signals have the same name (SSID) ?

    If yes I dont think there's much you can do in the laptop settings.

    One thing that night work would be to turn the power down on the deverlo so it's less likely to be seen by the laptop.

    The other thing that would work is to give each wireless device different names (SSIDs) as you can then prioritise the wireless networks. There should also be an option along the lines of "connect to prefered network when available"
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    differant ssids bt-wifibox-1 and 2
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    (Original post by aaaagggg1525)
    differant ssids bt-wifibox-1 and 2
    In that case make sure the one you prefer is top of the list. And if there's an option along the lines of "connect to the prefered network when possible" make sure thats enabled (i cant remember which versions of windows have that option, where it is or the exact wording but you should get the idea)
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    set roaming to agressive and roaming decition to optimize bandwith instead of distance also card is set to max weather on battery or not

    hope this helps

    ps i prefure hh (bt1) if in bath but deverlo wifi thing (bt2) if in room/where used to be blackspot (even if in here is still connected to the verry bad hh connection unless i manually connect to deverlo

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    Only other option I can really think of is to turn the power down on the deverlo (and maybe the hh) so the signal doesn't go so far.

    Other than that I'm not sure if there's much you can do at least not automatically (you shoud be able to manually disconnect and connect to the one you want). The sort of thing does exist in some of the enterprise wireless systems but they get expensive and can only really do that because there's a central box that controls all ap's and can work out where the clients are.
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    how would i go about turning the power down

    yh i can do it manually alright just the sort of thing most people would want done automatically

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    the power setting should be somewhere in the wireless points settings.
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    nope sorry as far as i know i clicked every link in those settings on both machines and nope not there

    looks like iil have to do it the harder way thanks anyway

    ps anyone else have any ideas


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