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If you could intergrate with any other country..

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    USA because of their decent wages, low taxes and nice big houses.
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    (Original post by Psyk)
    I can accept most American spelling differences (usually they either simplify the spelling or make sense with an American accent), but I really don't get the month/day/year date thing. Why arrange it in such a jumbled up order? Here we go in order of shortest to longest. Going year/month/day would also make sense and actually would then be consistent with how we represent time of day. But why go middle/shortest/longest? I can't see any logical reason for it. Is it because the month you're in is considered more important than the day?
    I understand it it was devised to make filing easier
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    The other alternatives like the Netherlands or one of the nordic nations are too small. An Anglo-German alliance could dominate the next 50 years, if not 100.

    It would also represent healing the main cultural division in the Germanic world between the English and the Germans, the two largest populations. Many areas in China have less in common with each other then England and Germany. It would also have a hugely positive effect on the UKs society and politics.

    I'm just a little bit horrorfied by all the people saying the USA. They are more different to us then the Europeans are...it is a completely different way of viewing the world.
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    Japan... So far ahead of us in so many ways... I'd love to be able to live there....
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    Lol @ everyone thinking the US is so similar to the UK.
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    South Africa (if the crime rate was a little lower)
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    Canada is not similar to the UK. Sorry.
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    I can't really say I would want to but if I had to it would be Germany. Love the culture and Germany is a beautiful country. Not to mention the sheer historical significance. And They have the Nurburgring :ninja:
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    (Original post by lambert1)
    USA because of their decent wages, low taxes and nice big houses.
    Biggest reason why I love this country. Housing is cheap, taxes are low (relatively, until you make over $120k) and our wages up to a point are fair. However if you are entry level you are pretty much a peon. You are paid **** and usually looked at as disposable


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