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Do you have family on Facebook?

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    I do but I don't like the idea of them seeing everything I do... have you ever had family and then removed them?
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    You can put them on a limited profile, that way they can see somethings but not everything?
    I set my Mum and Dad like that so they can see the photo albums I don't mind them seeing, but they can't see photos my friends tag me in or status updates.
    Hope that helps!
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    ok first u shouldnt add them in the first place and secondly theres a security setting on fb that allows you to hide all your posts from people you choose to hide it from
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    My Mum hates it when I swear and she'll make a point of going through my photos and telling me which ones she likes and which look dreadful.

    My sister uploads photos of things (mmm pancakes) all the time and my Uncles/Aunts/Cousins like to mention either Spurs (yuk), God or their trivial daily activities. :mmm:

    I need to do a major cull to my friends list but I'm lazy and strangely curious of other peoples lives.
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    Adults over 30 with Facebook are lame. My parents arn't lame.
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    My mum and dad aren't, thank god, then I'd have to just block half of what I say. My mum's 2 sisters are and her cousin who she talks to all the time so I still have to think about what I reveal on FB! My mum is threatening to get a FB account soon when she gets a laptop but it doesn't seem to be a very forthcoming plan! I doubt she'd use it much anyway, she's definitely not into computers. I already have to sensor what I say now as my aunties wil tell my mum stuff. Like I've stopped telling my mum about interviews (I can't be bothered with the same crap advice and having her get excited and then...yeah) and I used to mention them on FB for friends but not any more.

    I wish my brother was as I never see him or talk to him much and I'm always online. But he hasn't been near a computer since school when he had to, wouldn't have the faintest clue what to do with one! I can see that becoming a problem in the future...
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    I declined my Dad 7 times, he still didn't get the message, eventually I accepted him. :nothing:
    I have pretty much all my relatives on Facebook, my Uncles/Aunts, Cousins, Mum and Dad. I just don't have my brothers on there.
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    (Original post by tinman1)
    Adults over 30 with Facebook are lame. My parents arn't lame.
    People who use the word 'lame' are 'lame'.
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    I've got my mum, sister and most of my cousins, aunts and uncles, my granny's sister and her husband.. I don't really hide anything from them anyway so it doesn't bother me them knowing what I'm up to
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    (Original post by Wilfred Little)
    People who use the word 'lame' are 'lame'.
    Calm yourself Wilfred.
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    I've not got my mum, dad or brother on Facebook but I've got family members such as cousins and aunties and uncles on there. I get along with them great over Facebook! Although sometimes I forget I have them on there - one time I had a big ol' rant about my brother and my cousin gave me some advice and I was like "wuuut", completely forgetting I had relatives on Facebook. It was really helpful advice though
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    I have both my parents, sister, cousin, an aunt and uncle as friends on FB. I find it quite useful now that I'm away - it's the best way of keeping family updated on what I'm doing rather than having to send endless emails.
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    iv got my family on it but thats mainly due to the fact that i dont really hide anything from them
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    I do, but I don't see the cons of it because mom doesn't log in to her facebook at all unless her friends call her to check some updates
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    Sure, I've not really got anything to hide.

    I have mum/sister/aunties/uncles/cousins/distant relatives.

    It's probably an easier way of them keeping up to date with what's happening anyway, and vice versa to some extent. Catching up in person is always best, but when you're away for 3 months on the trot..
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    i have my brother, but not my parents (:
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    I have my friend's mum on Facebook. :sexface:
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    I have my cousin and my uncle but my brother deleted me after I made fun of his statuses. I change the privacy of some things to hide them from my cousin but I don't mind them seeing most things.
    I'm very selective about what I post on there anyway and having family on there reminds me to watch what I post, especially as my uncle has said that he'd tell my mum on me!
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    I don't have family on Facebook (I'd rather not) but only a couple of cousins.
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    (Original post by I<3LAMP)
    I need to do a major cull to my friends list but I'm lazy
    Same here but I can't be bothered.


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