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English applicants still waiting for an interview invite...

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    Hi, just wondering if there are any, like me, who have still not been rejected or invited to an interview. The only other interview mentioned on their site is on friday, and i've yet to hear from anyone in the same boat. Thanks.
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    Well i'm not an English applicant, but i'm still waiting on a response for Management (been waiting roughly 4 months now), so I know how you feel!
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    Again, I'm not an English applicant, but I've still got to hear back for three courses. It sucks, I know, but all we can do is wait! Best of luck for yours!
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    Thanks, good luck to you too! Slightly odd to find noone in the same shoes but cheers.
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    From what I remember last year (I'm on Eng + Creative writing, so a little different but not hugely), there were a few different rounds of interviews. Put it this way: if you've not been rejected yet, you're still in with a chance.
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    Thanks for the support. Still no word! Considering that I'm about to go away for a month I'd really like an answer soon. Obviously likely to be a no, but if there are a second round of interviews I'd quite like to know whether I'll be able to go. Grrrr.
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    How strange! I'm a current Eng Lit student and as far as I knew all the interviews had been done by now. One was at the end of Jan and one end of Feb (I took campus tours at both). Have you tried to get in touch with the admission department? May be worth it just to pester them and alert them to the fact that you haven't heard a thing. May just be an admin error! And by no means am I saying you definitely haven't got an offer/interview, just because I thought they were all over, you may still have a shot. Good luck " (:
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    I'm in the same boat! Sent of my English application 1st December and apart from the "We've got your application" email I've heard absolutely nothing. I know they interview eveyone before they give them an offer. I just want to know! I don't even care if its a yes or a no, so long as they tell me soon! My predicted grades are AAB and they ask for AAA which is probably why they're late getting back to me.

    I would just like some contact from them really!
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    Hey, probably not the best news but I got rejected. Ah well. Guess you can expect a reply from them soon!
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    Ah, I'm sorry about that. Still no response yet, ha.
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    Hey, just posting to say I've been sent an interview by email to fill in. I never received an interview but was asked last week to answer a number of questions instead. Surely I'm not the only one? Hope it went all right!
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    Yay! Hope you get an offer. Can't believe it took so long! I got an offer last week .
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    (Original post by JBGrenouille)
    Hey, just posting to say I've been sent an interview by email to fill in. I never received an interview but was asked last week to answer a number of questions instead. Surely I'm not the only one? Hope it went all right!
    I got an offer late Feb/early March via an e-mail interview too. So that's good news .


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