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LEEDS MET ACCOMMODATION ?!?! horror stories?!

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    I need help to chose which accomm to go into in September, ive heard nothing but negatives on every accommodations ive read into!
    I firstly wanted to go to Sugarwell Court, however ive heard its in a really rough area, reminds you of a mental institute and is dirty. I then looked into mill street where I heard there is nothing but horror stories? and then Royal Park flats are supposedly in the 'ghetto' !!

    I will be studying in the city campus but really need opinions and recommendations on what ones to choose! i dont mind about the noise or cleanliness of the place just dont want it to be in a rough area! Thanks
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    I've heard similar things tbh XD But I'm going to Carlton Hill, don't know which building your course is at but mine's at Broadcasting Place, which is just across the road! I also live near Leeds now anyway and I've seen Carlton Hill, the area looks safe and nice, very studenty XD

    You're probably gonna hear rumours about all the places, but I think the most important thing is to have a good group of friends to go places with (and if you come to Carlton Hill you'll have me! Yay! XD) because all cities can be unsafe if you're alone, but safe and fun with a group
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    Opal is your best bet. The Plaza and Sky plaza can be good but the price is quite high on them. Just check the places out yourself and ask some people who live there to see what its like to live there long term.
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    why is opal my best bet? i really want to go there but its so pricey i cant really afford it!
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    ive been to look round sugarwell court and it felt really homely, everyone seems friendly and it wasnt particularly dirty which was good as i visited not so long ago so youd ezpect it to be at its worse towards the end of the year, the mini gym was a bonus for me and also if you stay at sugarwell it says in the contract you get free membership to the edge gym pool sauna fitness **** at leeds uni, which usually costs 160 a year or something. if you want a really nice place iQ is lovely, very clean very nice, staff helpful, but didnt seem as sociable which is a big thing for me! have you booked in anywhere Jamie?
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    im at city campus this year too and ive booked sugarwell court, you hear horror stories for all the accommodation like you said but i lived in leeds last year and i stayed at the plaza in the city centre so as-long as you make friends there (you will) you should be fine its not in a really rough area most of leeds is rough and if you go out at night then you'll just come home with the people you went out with so dont worry about it.

    opal is quite far out are its ridiculously over priced i knew people there who hated it its too big too make any friends.
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    oh and don't book the plaza and sky plaza its really expensive and you wont make any friends its FULL of international student who don't speak English, i lived there last year.
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    OH NOOO!!! wish i'd read this thread before booking my room at the plaza.
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    My friends living there this year too so if its crap you can hang out with her. What block are you in??

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    I'm in B block i think..which ever 1 it is with the gym in it lol.
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    (Original post by princessfiona)
    OH NOOO!!! wish i'd read this thread before booking my room at the plaza.
    Meh, you pay for the location.
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    (Original post by emmaelliot)
    if you stay at sugarwell it says in the contract you get free membership to the edge gym pool sauna fitness **** at leeds uni, which usually costs 160 a year or something.
    Last year, we (Leeds Uni) took over one block at Sugarwell from January to house some of our students. The Edge Club membership only applied to them. Sorry!
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    Any one going to Woodhouse Flats? In a really good area but iv heard they are a little rough.
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    I lived at Mill Street last year. It was lovely. Clean, well managed... Never really had a problem plus there is a free gym!


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