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How much makeup do you wear daily?

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    Do you wear make-up everyday?

    How much do you think is too much?

    I usually put on eyeliner and some blusher..maybe some pressed powder at times. I usually don't wear any makeup if i'm staying home. I'm quite comfortable going out of the house without any makeup on.
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    in this order :

    face powder (just under my eyes)
    eye shadow
    eye liner
    lipstick (sometimes no lipstick)

    my skin is horrible without makeup, and I'm not a spring chicken any more. So none of that tosh about "that's too much makeup. Guys like the natural look". *******s to that, I look like a zombie without makeup, and I don't particularly rock the zombie look.
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    Stick my face in a bowl of foundation
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    foundation, mascara, lipbalm/ gloss and eyeliner.

    I go to a mainly girls school. Looking glamorous is not really a priority when you have a 15 minutes trek to school.
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    Not every day, only on special occasions or going out to a party/meal then I will wear foundation, eyeshadow, mascara and lipgloss.
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    foundation and mascara - I feel uncomfortable without foundation unless I'm tanned cause of my acne :--(
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    Foundation, powder, lip balm, liquid eyeliner, mascara and I pencil over my eyebrows to give them better shape/definition.
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    I usually wear some tinted moisturiser, followed by concealer (if I need it, but not everyday), powder, some brown gel on my eyebrows, blusher, and mascara, sometimes eye liner if I feel like it. I think it's easy to look as if you're wearing "too much" make-up if you're wearing the wrong colours or just go ott with it.
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    Eyeliner, mascara & sometimes some concealer under the eyes if i'm looking tired. That's what i wear on a normal college day. At home i don't wear make-up, when i'm going out i'll wear more.

    I think people wear too much make-up when you start to see cracks in their faces
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    every day:

    sometimes powder if i look shiny
    mascara (eyeliner, pencil for special occasions and liquid for even specialer, never eye shadow)
    2 types of blusher
    lipstain sometimes
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    cream blusher
    eyeshadows from the naked pallette
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    I don't wear make up daily. Sometimes I curl my eye lashes but that's just about it. I really have no reason slapping some colour on me unless I'm off to a party/anything formal.
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    Every day -
    used to be liquid foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss.
    Now it is nothing apart from flavoured lipsmackers if I've got chapped lips.

    Going out -
    Powder, maybe eyeshadow, mascara, lipgloss.

    I used to wear loads of make-up and didn't want to leave the house without it, but it made my skin go horrible and get a lot more sensitive, and I was having to get up so early in the morning to do it. These days I roll out of bed, washed and dressed, straighten my hair quickly if I can be bothered and then out the door, and I love it. My skin looks the best it's ever been and my boyfriend says I've never looked more beautiful
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    i sometimes wear foundation as i have vitiligo patches on my face, i never used to wear it because i'm so pale anyway but i have it for the days i'm feeling extra patchy
    then concealer, eyeliner and mascara, and maybe some blusher if i feel like it.
    if it's for a night out/something more formal, i might wear lipstick too.
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    In this order;
    Liquid & pencil eyeliner

    When I'm going out I'll obv. put more layers on/use darker colours, and fake lashes. My record is 3 pairs on at once.

    I used to use hairspray as setting spray but it wasn't good for my skin.
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    Bronzer, blusher, concealer (sometimes), mascara and eyeliner for everyday.
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    Concealer, powder, blusher, lipstick/gloss, sometimes eyeshadow. I wear some makeup most days but I'm not hugely bothered about going out without it, it's just a nice extra touch.
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    Wish I didn't have to wear make up but I usually put on - foundation, concealer, cream blusher (so i don't have to touch it up throughout the day), powder, eyeliner and dab on very little lipstick on my hand for my lips. Mainly just to get a little colour on them. That's it.

    I never wear makeup when I'm at home either and I think too much makeup is probably when it's just excessive amounts of product you use e.g. layering or plastering your face with foundation, 2 pairs of eyelashes etc. Basically caked on.
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    For me, it's not so much about how many different products, but how much of them I wear

    For me, it's:
    bare escentuals foundation (doubles up as a concealer)
    eyebrow gel
    lip tint

    I've been doing smokey eyes a lot recently too.. I find it hides mascara smudges quite well...

    My eyelashes are crazily long and straight up, so I can't really do the natural look when wearing mascara, because they look false anyway, but I think the rest looks pretty casual. Hopefully
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    I wear the same everyday as I do for a night out. However, during the day I wear neutral shaes on my eyes and lips so it's not ott and for a night out I either wear smokey eye/neutral lip or black eyeliner/coloured lips.

    moisturiser; primer; eye primer; concealer; foundation/tinted moisturiser; eyebrow pencil and setting gel; eyeshadow; eyeliner; lipgloss/stick.


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