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Girls. If you've been seeing a new guy for little more than a week, don't...

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    ...get a tattoo of his face.

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    At least he knows it's real....


    If you don't get it:
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    So that's where I've been going wrong all this time...
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    lol, they've made memes out of it
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    dat **** cray
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    Have added Austin on Facebook, want to see more creepy posts.

    Probably all fake though :sigh:
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    This. Is. Hilarious.
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    (Original post by Ketchup'n'Mustard)
    This. Is. Hilarious.
    Is it?
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    Gutted that it's fake tbf. I have someone on FB who would definitely do this for real :teehee:
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    (Original post by + polarity -)
    Is it?
    Yes. It is.

    WTF. Why the negs.
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    :rofl: What a guy!

    idk, give him angry eyebrows or something
    :rofl: :rofl2: :rofl:
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    Wow...just a little crazy then.
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    :eek: Is that real? That's crazy!!!
    Haha how did he even put up with her for a week?
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    Was someone really stupid enough to do that? Wow...I want to show everyone I know because it's that damn funny.
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    I particularly liked the way her friends were telling her how cool it was and normalising her behaviour instead of telling her she was as nutty as a flapjack.
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    Lmao this is hilarious.
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    hmm, im not sure what to make of this :/
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    What in the world!?!
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    I saw that on failbooking.com. Don't worry OP, normal girls don't do **** like that.


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