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Where do you guys buy cars?

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    (Original post by eaglestone)
    1. Local newspapers

    2. Newsagents window adverts.


    make an offer 50% to 66% of asking price.

    In these hard times, the seller will accept
    This, usualy the best place to get bargains. Im going to look at a 1968 VW Beetle this evening which has only had one owner. Saw the advert in the paper this morning the old bloke is giving up driving.
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    I bought my car off eBay, and I couldn't view it in person as it was 90 miles away. It was a risk, but the car I wanted is really rare and it was definitely the closest one that had appeared anywhere. Luckily, parts were cheap for it, and the engine replacement wasn't costly at all (a mere £30), but you have to be careful in regards to buying without seeing the car.
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    Ugandan buisness men. It's totally ligitimate.
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    (Original post by HeadintheClouds93)
    the engine replacement wasn't costly at all (a mere £30)
    £30 to replace an engine? Did you buy a remote control car?

    On topic, I've bought a car from ebay, PistonHeads, a garage and through an owners club/forum. Loads of places to find cars, even rare ones. Just depends how much you have to spend, how far you're willing to travel and if you mind getting ripped off or not... and whatever else matters to you :blah:
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    Here's a place you might not expect to sell cars http://www.tescocars.com/
    Apparently the cars are supplied directly from original owners who are banks, lease and fleet companies. They are aged between 6 months to 3 years. Tesco has them checked by the RAC and there is also a HPI history check carried out. A 7 day returns policy is offered by Tesco if you don't like the car.There is finance available from Tesco
    Maybe worth a look.
    Though I would just go to a main dealer myself. I don't know anyone who has bought from Tesco cars.
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    (Original post by oo00oo)
    I'm talking about second-hand cars, not brand new ones.

    Anyway, where do you buy your cars?

    Do you stick to big brand trade names like Arnold Clark or Evans Halshaw, etc? Do you go to car auctions? Do you buy privately from ads in Auto-trader, gumtree, ebay motors, etc? Something else?

    What do you think is the best way to buy a car, and get the best deal? The best value for money?
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    I use autotrader, pistonheads or ebay

    Another is car forums because some of them have been looked after well.
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    if your looking for a specific car you could always try club forums. Picked up a mint car with low mileage and fsh and looked after well for under£500
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    I buy my cars from Silver Street, usually second hand
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    got my first car from a guy who sells them @ the bottom of my road, got the second one from some guy that was selling it by the side of the road (never again will i do this)
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    Got mine off Autotrader from a private dealer
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    Auto trader usually, although i bought my Polo 6N2 off of a mate and its a cracking car for £700
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    Ive brought all my cars from used car garages
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    id recommend gumtree......most of the sellers are not looking to make a huge profit

    ps my dad bought me my car for £800
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    1st- le motor from a mechanics for £75
    2nd- dealership which turned out to be so dodgy it was unreal, but I seemed to have struck gold and didn't get any problems
    3rd- weirdo little dealership, the car was crap
    4th- first it was private, then (long story) it became a trade sale, and I got the car for £500 less than the asking price! twas crap tho
    5th- cargiant ex fleet aygo, BEAUTIFUL, and got £800 off for various things I noticed and pretended to care a lot about.
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    Bit of a risk but eBay, especially when you can't see the car beforehand. To be fair, my car is really rare and I seriously wanted one, and even though it was about 100 miles away, it was by far the closest one I'd seen for sale to me.
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    (Original post by Mufasaa)
    Auction. If you go to one of the dealer events you can get recent cars with low mileage, and a full service history for well below the price of anywhere else (even with charges). Me + my family have got 4 cars from them in the last few years with no problems.
    Which auction do you go to, if you dont mind me asking? and do you need a traders license :s
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    Main dealer, especially for the warranty. Family has been buying cars from this dealer for 18+ years. Excellent customer service and often give us good deals.
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    (Original post by TTTA)
    Which auction do you go to, if you dont mind me asking? and do you need a traders license :s
    We got mine from Manheim in Bruntingthorpe (or somewhere similar sounding), you don't need a traders licence.


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