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Worst high street coffee?

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    I'm starting this thread in protest against Costa Coffee....

    Just yesterday myself and my darling wife after enjoying lunch at Yo Sushi! (epic!) - decided to have a coffee, Costa's being the nearest seemed the obvious choice.
    Mine a double espresso and hers a cappuccino were duly ordered and we sat down to enjoy - not.

    I'm used to espresso being bitter, but this tasted like charred wood, it was so bad that the milk in the cappuccino could not hide the bad flavour and the end result was that we left both on the table and went to have coffee and John Lewis! Which was much nicer.

    So with the moan being over does anyone else have a most hated high street brand?
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    Dare I say Starbucks? Perhaps it's the price that makes me expect it to taste wonderful..
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    I agree with you OP, I'm not too keen on Costa either.

    Last time I had a Marks & Spencers coffee (admittedly a while back) it tasted awful. I always stick to hot chocolates from there now, but it could've just be a one-off I guess.
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    starbucks is not great imo. even when you dont add sugar, the coffee has a wierd dull sweetness to it coffee shouldn't taste like that! plus, i have to withdraw my life savings from the bank every time i want coffee from there
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    Coffee is supposed to taste bitter you fools. Starbucks pretend coffee is ew.
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    (Original post by seasons of wither)
    i agree with you about Costa being too bitter. imo, Caffe Nero is the same but worse. so gross
    Caffe Nero is so much more bitter than everywhere else because they put two shots of espresso into their coffee whereas everywhere else just uses one. if you want it less bitter, you can ask for just one shot
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    I don't buy espresso from any high street brand, because I'm yet to meet any that are even vaguely enjoyable. But I do quite like their sugar-and-fat creations - they can hardly be described as coffee, but they do flavoured sugary stuff quite well.

    You wouldn't go there just for a coffee, but I find Pizza Express coffee particularly bad - I've had it after meals before and it's just... urgh. Save your money
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    I hate costa, but love starbucks.
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    Never been that keen on Costa coffee, I tend to have tea if I go there.

    As for the others: Pret, Nero, Starbucks etc. I find to be fine John Lewis do make good coffee as well As well as crepes!

    I have a Nespresso coffee machine at home and I find that best of all Mainly because it's free (well, the capsules are 25 pence each).
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    Of all big High Street chains I think I prefer Costa to be honest. I find their coffee nice and rounded without the bitterness you get with bad coffee. I also prefer their cups to the mugs in Starbucks.

    I guess it depends a lot on the individual branch and even the barista that is serving. The staff in my local Costa are really nice and the barista who works the morning shifts makes a great cappuccino.

    I also prefer the iced coffees in Costa. I find (at least at my local branch) that the Frappucinos in Starbucks are too sweet - I want it to taste of coffee not caramel !
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    Yo Sushi is awful, OP.

    Can't stand Cafe Nero.

    Costa and Starbucks are acceptable. Costa only just.
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    I don't like Starbucks coffee, but I do like their hot chocolates and their frapucinno's
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    I usually just go to wherever I pass by. It's either Starbucks, Costa or Soho most of the time.
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    I'm a capuccino fan. I'll happily drink it from chains (I find Pret the best), but it's always that frothy white stuff with chocolate on top. In Italy, the swirl on top is usually darker, much less frothy, and the whole thing tastes better -- don't know why. If possible, I like to find independent cafes run by Italians, where there is a better chance of getting good coffee.
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    I found costa's cappuccinos to be awful and I think that most of their stock is over priced. Starbucks is good sometimes and nero can make a very very nice mocha.
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    (Original post by JOR2010)
    Dare I say Starbucks? Perhaps it's the price that makes me expect it to taste wonderful..
    they need the money to fund their Zionist ideals LOL

    In all seriousness, had the worst latte from starbucks, the only redeeming quality was the fit bird serving me
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    Starbucks. Abhorrent coffee by an abhorrent company.

    Saying that I'm not a fan of coffee chain stores. Much prefer home brewed coffee.
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    Costa is probably the worst.

    Starbucks isn't bad, but nowhere near as good as the hype would lead you to believe.

    On balance, Caffe Nero is probably the best.
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    IMO Starbucks>Nero> Costa.
    Only had Costa a handful of times due to the fact that their coffee just tastes bizzare to me.
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    (Original post by GunnerBill)
    I'm used to espresso being bitter...
    (Original post by Electronica)
    Coffee is supposed to taste bitter you fools. Starbucks pretend coffee is ew.
    lol, yeah I know!

    (Original post by No Future)
    Yo Sushi is awful, OP.
    Seriously? I love it :rofl: What's your beef eh? :devil:


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