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What would be cool to have in your bedroom?

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    I'm going to be starting university in September, and I REALLY want to make an effort of doing up my room in a cool way! So, what cool things could I put in there? I've only thought about a MacBook and a Beanbag me out!!
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    A girl

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Please tell me you're allowed to decorate.. If so:


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    (Original post by xoxAngel_Kxox)
    Please tell me you're allowed to decorate.. If so:


    I am currently in bed ill and that put a big smile on my face! Thanku xxx

    I may consider it :-p
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    (Original post by xtinalouise)
    I am currently in bed ill and that put a big smile on my face! Thanku xxx

    I may consider it :-p
    Hope you feel better soon! xox
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    If you're in Halls, you're fairly limited in what you can do Posters, photos, some nice bedsheets, cushions, things like that.
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    A street cone.

    It's all the rage, apparently.
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    round bed
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    Lava lamp.
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    Pixie Lott.

    EDIT: I've mentioned her twice on this forum, each comment has been negged, WHY?!?!

    EDIT 2: You're all bastards.
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    A tiger cub: awesome fun, and if need be, you can always set it on that one annoying flatmate.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	tiger_cub-thumb-411x485-213150.jpg 
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    ^^ See how it's practicing the run-up for the attack on annoying housemates, people who set the fire alarm off and leafleters? Awesome.
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    Silk silver sheets
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    A 100inch TV with;
    Mac mini
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    Things that involve lighting are the best. Posters etc are standard and also have the downside of blu-tac/drawing pins leaving marks on the wall and ending up costing you deposit money.

    A fairly plain room without much clutter on the walls, can be transformed if you get nice lighting effects, my ex girlfriend had an absolutely beautiful room with pink/purple hue lighting.
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    Oh yeah - and not an animal, it might be cute but it's probably going to make a small uni room smell and if its nocturnal it will be noisy at night.
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    Mirror on the ceiling is the dream.
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    (Original post by angelbones)
    If you're in Halls, you're fairly limited in what you can do Posters, photos, some nice bedsheets, cushions, things like that.
    Your sig!!! :love:

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    I have no idea what I will do with my room in halls. I can't have candles, floor pillows, fabric wall hangings (which currently cover my bedroom) and only a few posters cos of fire hazards. Guessing fairy lights are a no go, and I know rugs are. My room is going to be ****. Might get some window things, so they'll look cool on the rare occasions light shines in. And I have an awesome lampshade, might do some substitutions. But if your halls are anything like the ones I'm going to end up in this September, you'll be wracking your brains for a while. Hmmm. I'll let you know if I come up with anything. Catch butterflies and set them free in your room? Or ladybirds. Oh! Pot plants!! Cool ones. I'm going to have daffodils.


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