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Business or Economics A-level?

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    I'm unsure whether to take Business or Economics for A-level, at the moment I'm thinking of taking Media Studies and two from Biology, Psychology and Geography as well as either Economics or Business but i really cant decide which

    Im currently predicted an A* for Business and a B for Maths. Obviously economics is more respected but i really enjoy business too and my sister has told me economics is quite challenging. I'm not quite sure what i want to do for a career or at university but a business type course is an option.

    I'd really appreciate it if you guys could give me any information to help me make this decision, Ella x

    economics will keep more doors open in general/

    Economics is a way more respected by universities.

    Business is easier.

    My advice for you: don't choose economics because it is more respected ,choose it only if you think you will enjoy it, and on the other hand if you like business more then don't think about "respected and not respected subjects". Do only what you enjoy. Good luck.


    I ended up doing both Business and Economics at A-Level since I love both subjects to be honest and definietely want to do something in that type of area.

    From my experience,

    With Business A-Level it is a lot easier than Economics mostly and a lot of universities don't like Business A-Level even for the business courses. But, it is very interesting, you get to learn how to run your own business, managing a growing business and then in year 2 it's all about managing and running a multinational business I think. Well, along them type of lines. Business is definetely appealing to employers although not universities because it's not seen as academic enough. The reason being for employers there are tons of transferable skills with Business especially if you become a manager or something at that type of level or even just anything generally since you have a great general understanding of things. Personally, I think the usefulness of Business skills is under-rated and I don't think its fair that universities don't rate it especially for the Business courses at least, it just seems absurd to me and a lot of my teachers agree.

    With Economics it is much harder and is a lot more respected by univerisites. A few topics and concepts do cross-over with Business A-Level like elasticity. Economics is also quite interesting where you learn about globalisation, microeconomics and macroeconomics (macro being the issues of economy as a whole and micro being that of individuals). Macroeconomics is especially interesting at the moment with all the uncertainty and crisis and all the rest of it. Economics really helps you and expands your mind to understand how everything works and sort of see how it all connects together - Almost like filling in the missing puzzle. That's sort of why I took both of them together because although a few topics cross-over, it really gives you a good grounding into understanding how everything works completetly rather than just seeing one side.

    My college highly discouraged me although my Business teacher (my form tutor) encouraged me and I had to go through a number of disucussions and interviews to be able to do both together but in the end I just couldn't choose so I had too. They are both excellent courses and if you like Business, both will interest you. They tend to discourage you because its considered too narrow and especially with Business not being regarded that much by univerisites. Although my Business teacher told me they're making the exams harder to change that.

    My advice to you if you don't want to or can't do both would be to find out what exam boards your college or school is with and then go on the exam board website and look at in detail what each course covers and then decide what one you find most interesting or think you will enjoy the most.

    Don't do something just because you think people will prefer me to have that or I'll have a better chance of university with this. Look at both courses in detail and do whatever course genuinely interests you the most and you think you will find the most interesting. After all, a lot of lessons on your timetable as well as a lot of work will go on it so at least if you like it, you'll ease the pain of that.

    Personally though, I'd recommend both, in my experience at least, they match together perfectly - Great combination! Really get to see how everything connects better and works together! I'd almost be as strong and say that I think they should have to be taken together otherwise I feel people don't have a full understanding.

    By the way, just for the record, if you're a girl, there are only two girls in my Business class compared to almost half in the Economics class so you might want to keep that in mind not that you should let it change your decision though - I think a lot of girls like Business but get drifted away by the more academic subjects.

    I was gonna do Business, but for some reason I changed my mind at the last minute and choose Economics instead... That was probably the worst academic decision of my life... Even though Economics may leave more opitions for you in the future, Business is much easier and less stressful.. You can easily get an A in business.

    I would prefer Economics as universities like a person to have Economics as their A level instead of business. Also, I didn't think Economics was too hard, the theory was easy but I just wanted more time in the exams.

    I haven't studied Business Studies but lots of people say it's much easier. Of course, it may be easier to get an A in it but even in Economics, if you work hard, you can get an A easily

    Depends what you want to do afterwards. Yes, economics is looked on better by universities, but not taking economics isn't a disadvantage if you wanted to do it at at university. Most degrees assume no prior knowledge. Depends what type of university you want to go to. LSE/Oxford/etc. would probably turn their nose up, but the likes of the ex polys and the significant majority would just look at the grade.

    All I can suggest is look at both the syllabuses. Take the one you like of and think you'll enjoy more. After all, the workload is so much more than GCSE. The type of other subjects would suggest to me Business is actually more your thing.

    I'm doing both, and both complement each other in a good way which makes u very specific when it comes to a particular case at the end of the day. Although a lot of unis don't welcome this mix, it really adds value if you're planning to take a go for financial/business related courses. As long as you enjoy it then why not

    fully agree with will2348 btw

    do economics and save yourself 2 years of bull****ting an A* learning no more than the edexcel GCSE business and economics course... economics is so much more interesting and is far more logical and less annoying, like with the final topic this year being CSR...WASTE OF MY LIFE!!

    Someone above has already gone into great, delicious detail, but I will summarise:

    Economics is respected by universities (ie it is a 'strong subject'). It's the study of the economy itself, and is slightly maths oriented. It is difficult for some people, but that means that the grade boundaries will be lower. If you work hard and do extra reading you will do the best you can.

    Business studies is a 'soft subject' (ie if you have more than two soft subjects out of your four, say goodbye to any top 25 universities). It is more based on practical application and business itself. People find it easier than economics.

    So my advice is to take economics, as almost everyone has recommended so far. It may be tougher, but it will pay off when you go to a good uni.

    Just to reiterate, I'd recommend Economics rather than Business as it is regarded as a traditional subject in contrast to the latter which is usually classified as "soft".

    Don't be tempted to take both, there is an extensive overlap in material and the marginal value added from Business is negligible if you're already doing Economics, and vice versa.

    If you plan on taking Media Studies and Psychology, which are also regarded as soft, you might be better off compensating with a traditional A-Level such as Econ.

    On the other hand if you enjoy Business so much and expect to excel at it, by all means go with that. Ultimately I'd suggest you read through the syllabus summary and pick whichever appeals to you more.

    Good luck!

    I'm not sure why everyone keeps saying economics is harder. On my Exam Board Business has always been considered the harder one. ( I'm not sure if this is because of the subject or the board ). Check out these results once.

    Also I've attached a sample A Level Bus and Economics paper from my board. Check them out if you get time.
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